I’ve been lied too…

I was told I had to get good grades in high school to get into a good university. FALSE! I was gonna go into a poor university in both cases, cause for 1 ) I wasn’t trusted by my parents so I wasn’t really gonna go anywhere and 2) most of the people I know that got poor-average grades and ended up going to universities abroad, so it didn’t really matter how their grades were as long as they passed high school, ok maybe not Harvard but you know what I mean. Point being, you don’t need good graded to get into a decent university, just $$$$$. I bet you didn’t know.So, looking at it that way, super glad I didn’t study that hard ( I was mainly grounded but still didn’t study, until now its a mystery why but I’ll get to bottom of it )

I was also told that I needed to choose a career, that’s the biggest joke in 2015. If you want a dead-end boring office job then yes you need a career. If you want to be  stuck doing the same boring thing for the rest of your life then yes, get a career.Don’t get me wrong, I respect who have careers and are actually HAPPY. Don’t know too many though. Read my post on what I wanna be when I grow up 

I was told that it would be best to marry someone from the same culture by friends, family and of course the culture. What is my culture anyways? I mean seriously, who am I?. Instead I married someone completely out of my circle, and boy did I get lucky. My wife is one of major things in my life that I’m grateful for ( not sure she feels the same way ) but I cannot imagine my life without her. Never in a million years would I have even imagined marrying someone from such a distant culture. Marry who you fall in love with but before love make sure that you both completely accept each other and have a mutual understanding or else love isn’t enough. Love comes after that or maybe even later. It’s the brains, the understanding of one another and then maybe love.

So many told me that I’ll never be taken seriously if I had long hair in this culture. I’ve never been taken more serious before in my life. People actually look up to me. Even I find it shocking. It’s maybe because I look more foreign I don’t know. But I like it and I’m keeping it till I think of something else I can do with my hair. Any suggestions?  ( I do get a few dirty looks from time to time, but I think I always got those )

They told me that dairy is good for me? I’ll grow strong bones and be some sort of Hercules. Ha ha ha!! Dairy products in 2015 is one of the most unhealthiest foods you could consume. Don’t take my word for it, check out Alia al Moayed’s article, oh and she’s a certified nutritionist.

They said protein will help me recover faster, build muscle and it’s just good for you. So please, just have some ok!!!  I stopped eating meat and chicken, and never have I felt stronger, had more energy and I have better mental clarity. Still working on my ADD though.

Watch the news to stay updated with latest about the news and to know the truth about the world they said. Pfft, mainstream media is all of big web of lies with a hidden agenda to corrupt and just keeps you dumb. If I wanna be entertained I listen to the BBC cause I get an absolute kick out of it. Love it, in fact that’s my favorite news broadcast.

Have you been lied to as well..?

Do you need animal products to survive? Do you need to be a doctor to live a comfortable life and so society can be proud of you or so that you can be a trophy to family members? Do you still read the news and go like “aha, that’s so true” or do you have to marry your cousin or else you’re an outcast?

What kind of lies were you told…?