What am I grateful for?

At times when I’m lost for words.

Lost for thoughts. Lost for ideas. Lost for life.

I try and jump on the grateful wagon. Where I state the the few things I’m grateful for.

And for tonight.

What am I grateful for?

 I’m grateful for? 

Im grateful for this book Im reading which is Kevin Hart’s memoir that teaches me through humour. 

Im grateful for clean water

I’m grateful for this kettle that produces hot water in a matter of seconds

I”m grateful for tea 

I’m grateful for this mug that I got on a trip to London. One of my best trips ever.

I’m grateful for organic fig jam

I’m grateful for this laptop that I’m using to type in this monologue and to edit this video on.

And I’m grateful for you the reader. Thank you

I’m out of words for the night.