Love this and you’ll love everything and be happy too

I broke my arm one day before a trip.

It basically ruined my trip for me and I ruined it for my parents because of the limitation I put on where we could go. I think so though.

The one thing about that day was that my dad was super pissed at me because I was late home and I had to babysit while he was at the gym but I fell and broke my hand. I was safe. A broken hand is always a good way to get out of trouble.

I hated what happened, when it happened and how it happened ( more into that later  ) .

But I was grumpy and inpatient. Here’s how it would have turned up if I had a different attitude about it. I would have learnt the lesson, loved the adversity, stayed uber positive and had a great ol’ time.

Now when adversity hits ( which is quite often, when you’re adult and have a family ooooooo ) I always try and smile and love every second of it. Learn from it and move on to happier things.

I know that someday I’ll be so wired into adversity that I’ll probably go looking for it.

I want to love every second of  hardship that hits me. I want to savour it, grow from it and have others grow from it too.

People who have been through so much are just better more balanced people.

Ever seen the drama privileged folks cause?