The greatest idea ever

In my notes I have a vast amount of ideas. Ideas for writing topics, ideas for films, and ideas for businesses etc. They’re mostly all golden ideas.

I take some ideas and show them around to people, they love it. They really do.

Then I take them back and stack them on top of the rest. The reason this post is called the greatest idea ever is because it’s about an idea. Just an idea.

Here’s the greatest idea I have come up with so far and I’m sharing with you in the hope that you can maybe also use that idea for the greater good of yourself and humanity too.

The idea is to write an executional idea and do it. BAM!! Best idea ever. Let me give you an example. For the past few years I’ve been reading more than I have in my life. So I decided to write too. I wanted to know what it’s like to write every single day. So the idea was to write every day, work that writing and creative muscle and see what happens.

Idea: Write everyday for a 100 days.

Execution: Immediately.

You want to do something better I reckon, because you’re just so amazing and and are full of bright ideas that ┬áthe mere idea of writing everyday is stupid.

Ok, you want to build a fortune 500 company. Hats off to you. The idea is beautiful. I will not get into the whys and hows, because it’s your idea and I couldn’t care less about why you’re doing it. But I really do want you to do it. I do. Here’s how. You start with step 1. For example, look for building or do paper work for the fortune 500 company etc. You write down a great idea for an even bigger idea and go do it.

me idea

You have to break down great ideas into smaller ones. Or else it fades away and your masterpiece of an idea becomes an idea. Just an idea, and nothing more. That is not a great idea.

Ideas are nothing. Execution is everything.