What or who are you dependant on?

I find myself sometimes eating bread & jam.

Tonight I realised that’s going to stop. Or maybe this week. I’ve become dependant on others to serve me food. Spouse, restaurants, friends, family. It has to stop.

I cannot and will not depend on others for food anymore.

Which got me thinking!?
oh oh

What and who else am I dependant on? And why? Who? Since?

But we’re all here to help one another, we can never ever be a 100% self sufficient. I mean, I’m sure some gringo has attempted it and there’s a documentary about it on Netflix . But forget the 0.00001%.

We do NEED people in order to survive, co exist and thrive. But we need to know to depend on ourselves for the basics of life. We need to take care of ourselves and know the bare minimum of how we can handle ourselves.

And that includes self love and self sufficiency to an extent ( cleanliness, tiding, organising, cooking the basics etc ).

Who and what are you dependant on ?
And can you be independent?