The man who reached his peak

He’d hit the snooze button or at least think it was the snooze button.

The thing with smart phones its that isn’t easy to snooze, the buttons are too small, the whole damn phone is slippery. By the time he’d hit the snooze, he’d be up on his feet already jumping around the room looking for the snooze. Only to then unlock the phone and start looking for the alarm off slide.

He’d be walking around sleepless but happy, and always trying to savour the moment of ” the now” . He had 10,000 followers. A 100 of which were active followers. He wanted so much more. He wanted 000000 figures.

One day after his snooze fit, he’d check his accounts and saw an absolute blast. Something finally hit it with him. Finally.

He then no longer had to wake up as early, no more snooze attacks, no more 100 followers. A 100,000 active followers and he just said the word, and he had it.

That was when his soul died. The peak had killed his soul.

His journey had ended and he forgot why he was doing it all along.