What shouldn’t keep me going

I don’t know how to start this post. But I do know that I need to post it and fast.

There’s so much I want to do in the next hour.

I’m posting this for me. This is a very selfish post but it may help you. It may help you in the sense that you may gain a little insight, knowledge or get your next “aha moment ”

I stopped creating or doing things I love because of external forces.

At the beginning when I started writing, doing creative video or even photography. I did it because I was just so happy, thrilled and wanted to share what I’ve done with the world. But like anything, with time, the path gets a little blurred up, people get tired of seeing you create and you become old news.

When that happens, you usually start to drift away into thin air, thinking you’re not good enough.

Today I commented on someone’s beautiful witting ( who was inspired by me to write, I’m humbled ) on what a great job she’s doing, she commented graciously and mentioned that feedback is what keeps her going. As true and amazing that that is, that is just bad for business. Well not business, but your internal passions and creativity.

We do what we love because we have some sort of energy inside us that make us create or do. What made you start that hobby, start playing that musical instrument, learn a language, start reading, dance, art, gym etc.

If you’ve started any of that for some sort of external validation, then a reevaluation of thyself is in order. Sure there’s a little external part involves, I mean come on, but it cannot and I repeat be the major reason that made you start that, or else. You will fail within time or you will not rise up a certain level.

My name is Hady Elcott, and I’m writing this out to the world wide web because I need to.