Do you have to be good at what you love?

*click* *click*

*ffffsshhhhhhhh* *ffsshhhhhhhh*



Those are some of my favourite sounds. ( They’re all in my head, so y0u’ll have to guess what they are or make up sounds of your own)

I was once told that I had to focus on a few things so I be good at them. That may be true. But I don’t have to be great at all of them.

I pull out my camera and take a few amateur shots. I try my best to capture those beautiful moments. I then go out and start video recording. I’m no Alfred Hitchcock but I like it. I try and make things interesting and make story telling fun. I love story telling, it’s one of my favourite things ever. I love hearing great stories so I try and say great ones too so people may love them too. Key word is try! I’m not great at it YET but I love it. It’s makes me happy and I know for a fact that it makes a few happy as well.

I later get home and get on my bike and start riding. I reach a steep road. I start grinding, sweating, peddling inefficiently, start riding while standing just to push through the slightly steep road. And I make it.  Slow but surely made it. I feel like the kind of the road. As I ride back a few cyclists fly through that steep road. That was inspirational but nothing more


I reach home all tired and sweaty and achy. It was hard to walk . I then cooked a meal.  That’s not what my wife thinks though. She calls it heating. But I really think pasta and boiled potatoes are a form of art. I think its cooking too. So is a peanut butter sandwich. A good one at least.

I take a nap, wake up and then put on my running shoes and go running. I put on my headphones and I focus on the view around me. I finish and look at my time on my Garmin watch and it’s embarrassing to ever share. All the runs shared on social medias are fast!!

But I feel good, I have energy, can get more done and smile more.

Someone then told me, you have a good life. I like it. It then hit me. I’m not competing. I’m living. I’m not that great a runner, not that great a videographer, and not that great a cyclist. Adequate at best. And I love it. I don’t need to great at what I do. All is need is a sense of reward.

To some I’m a master at what I do. To some I’ll always be an amateur.

All that matters is my sense of reward and that I be a shining example at whatever I do.

Now do your crappy little doodles because it makes you happy.

Do your crappy videos and share them

Keep talking selfies that no one likes and share them on Instagram

Run like you’ve just learnt how to walk because Phoebe is awesome ( To some at least )

Let others think to themselves, ” Oh my God, that person is so bad that I’m sure I could do a better job at that, how about I try it.”

And you have become an inspiration.

Congratulations. Now smile while you strum to stairway to heaven while others cry ( cause the tune is just unbearable )