The one

I’ve been feeling down at times and wondered why me. Sometimes only.

Around me I look at huge corporations, philanthropists, artists, athletes and great authors. All making a difference and reaching hundreds and some millions of people. It saddens me how little impact I’m making. I want to be out there shooting stars and making a change in a humorous but effective way. I want to live life on the edge where others can recognize what I’ve done or am doing for them.

I walk by and see great impact happening. But none by me. I go back home and sit in sorrow while others fight to make a living. I don’t want to make a living. I’m already living. I want to make a change. A revolutionary change. I moan and whine about how unfair it is.

I get an email that same day from someone telling me how I have changed his life and he has now embarked on a journey to health and adventure. He started a business and told me that he has changed people’s lives through his company and wants to thank me for doing it.

I go out for a walk in the rain and look at labors working in the rain and one of them was sitting there and he looked cold and tired. I went up to him and asked him how is he. He said fine but a little hungry. I went bought a meal and told him “here have this”. It wasn’t much but it was all I could offer. He got up but nearly slipped cause of the wet floor. I grabbed him and held him up. He told me from now on he’ll carry extra food with him so he can help someone. He never wants anybody to be in such a situation again. It was windy so I left.

Three years later I look at the papers and see a face I recognize. It was a very familiar face but I couldn’t remember where or how I knew him. I read the story in the hope that I may know who he is. Maybe by name or profession. The title of the piece read: ” Man feeds 300 labors per week all over the Gulf”. I read the piece with such amazement and the story read that he himself was a labor who was once fed by a stranger and he took it upon himself to help as many people as he could. He made it his life mission to feed labors who didn’t have enough to eat. The emphasis were on construction labors. They usually suffered with low wages and had to live off low salary income and they always faced trouble with food.

I remembered him. I teared up. I was still feeling hopeless and suddenly realized I was calculating it all wrong. It was all a big miscalculation and I was in it for the wrong things maybe. Did I really want impact? Did I really want change or did I want fame maybe? Luxury? appreciation? recognition?  Not that anything is wrong with those but maybe I wasn’t true to myself. I cannot feel miserable because I don’t reach millions. I can not feel miserable because I am not recognized for my so called noble acts.

I then went out and started doing what I do. I just wanted to reach one person a day. Just one. It was less overwhelming. Less stressful and a lot more fulfilling. I want one person to be changed by me. I want one person to be touched and that is my mission. Just one. That’s all it takes to change the world.

If you are reading this then I am happy. Thank you. And I hope that I have touched you in a positive way. Please do come back. You’re the only one I need.