Where’s all my money going?

This has been an interesting time for me. It really has.

I’ve never been able to make as much money, and spend as much, I almost want to type lose, but that would be an incorrect statement.

So where is my money going?

Something that happens to a lot of us. The more we make, the more we spend, but with me I feel like the more I make the more responsibility I’m beginning to take over. Or because of the responsibilities that have been bestowed upon me, I’m therefore unconsciously making more money in order to carry these responsibilities with grace ( -ish )

I need to start writing everything down and see where lies the mystery. It’s a little surreal the amount of checks I’m cashing in a month vs the amount of bills that are being billed to me.

Noting down stuff from next pay check on out!

10 things you can do when you’re broke.

So here I am looking at my bank statement. I haven’t put money in there for ages. I have been using cash only and have refrained from using the bank, just because its a hassle and plus I don’t have enough to actually hide from anyone. It’s just a means to an end every single month.

The bank then later on explains to me that I have insufficient funds, I tell them I’m aware of that. She then calmly tells me that we will be charging you for that. I told her that I’m not intentionally broke to mess with her or the bank. I’m genuinely broke and mean no disrespect. They decide to deduct money anyways and give to someone who has thousands in the bank, “Here you go Sir, you have a shit ton of money and deserve more for being that way, here’s Hady’s too while you’re at it”.

So i’m broke and worried. How am I going to pay the rent, pay the loans and be cool. I then take a moment to think about how bad this is. I feel slightly better and make a list of things to do when in broke in winter. Here it is:

  1. Chillax: Which also means to chill out and just relax. The panic button just doesn’t work when you’re broke. You begin to act stupid and irrational. Next thing you know, you’re selling weed to strangers. And it happens to be grass from your lawn. Keep your cool, think straight, figure out why you’re broke, how can you avoid this from happening again and make a list ( while you’re chilaxed)
  2. Be grateful: Chances are you’re reading this through a smart phone or a laptop. You’re a special kind of broke that has fancy things you can’t afford anymore. Enjoy it. Enjoy your room, your car, your handbags, your video games, your clothes, your shoes, your food. You are literally rich with nothing to worry about…for now at least.
  3. Revisit the past and how you ended up this way. What are you doing wrong? What’s sucking you dry month after month after month?
  4. Write down monthly expenses and see what you can discard. Are you paying a hefty gym membership? Maybe its time to change gyms, cell phone plans, or maybe even move apartments if rent is becoming an issue. Make a clear list of everything you pay on a monthly basis and start deducting garbage from there.
  5. Go for a long walk. Hey, its November. Get out there and enjoy some good scenery. You’re broke remember, what else are you going to do?
  6. Download a movie. Stay home on the weekend, invite friends over, foods on them and movies on you.Or watch it with your loved ones. May I suggest a 2010 movie called “Super” ( Warning:Its rated R) or maybe “Alex and Emma” or maybe even a 1975 Jack Nicholson classic “One flew over the cuckoos nest”. Most movies I’ve seen not many have, at least the people I know personally haven’t seen them, those are some good movies.
  7. Start a blog. Or just write for God’s sake. Write about why are you so miserably broke.
  8. Call up an old friend. Not the best idea, unless you have actually kept your cool. You don’t want to start crying at their shoulders about how you’re broke and lonely.
  9. Cook. Or learn to cook a meal since you don’t have much of a choice.How about starting with a smoothie, all you really have to do is peel. Rice and steamed vegetables?
  10. Avoid loans.You see h0w I wrote avoid and not refrain. Unless you’re really needy and you’re going to starve to death without borrowed money. I say suck it up and find a way to make it work till you get paid next. You don’t want to go broke faster next month

So hope this list helps you feel less miserable. It surely slightly does it for me. I sleep better at night knowing richer people get my money too. They’ve definitely worked harder than me. Some of them at least.