what I do when I can’t produce well

There comes days when I don’t have it in me to write. It’s either to late and I’m not in the right state of mind to post anything with good structure, or I didn’t prepare anything mentally because its been such a fast paced day.

I still want to write though, but it will not be as good as my other structured posts. Funny enough its the unstructured ones that get the most views. Most of the times at least. So here’s what I do when I can’t think of anything good to write.

  1. I read blogs. Reading is what helps me become a better writer, so when I’m all dry. I start reading content that interest me or bloggers who I enjoy reading. My current top 2 bloggers are James Altucher’s  blog and Mark manson’s as well. Those 2 are my go to when I’m just out of it.
  2. I read books. I pick up a book and just read through it. It must be a book I enjoy or else I’ll never read it. I like delving into other books and read into the writing style and get some new insight.
  3. Watch a movie/tv series. At times I’ll watch something of interest. I’m a sucker for good quality movies and tv shows. So when I can’t produce any content I go look at content and just immerse into that until the next best thing pops into my head.
  4. Talk to people. I’m lucky to have interesting people to talk to. That in itself is a very rare thing these days. I’m lucky I live with an intellectual human being and work with people that can simply mind boggle me. I love it.
  5. Sleep. When I’m all dry and have the attention spam of a fish, it’s maybe time to hit the sack and restore some more brain cells. I used to sleep 5-6 hours a day. Now I say 8-10  to be on your sharpest. You can absolutely feel the difference. Whoever tells you 5 hours is enough, please slowly back away from them, turn around, walk and don’t look back. Or look at what they have accomplished in life (usually tells you a lot) and are they living to their full potential.

When you find something you love. Surround yourself with it. Even If I can’t write, I look for ways to be better at it without actually writing. If you enjoy building legos then read books on that or watch videos of people playing with legos. If you’re into cooking, then surround yourself with chefs, people who enjoy cooking and watch some good cooking shows.

Surround yourself with what you’re passionate about and it will take care of itself, even when you’re not passionate about doing it everyday.

I’m now feeling the number 5 symptom.


A little about running

So today as I read the subtitle of my blog, I decide to be true to it for a little while and actually write about running.  My blog after all does say: “Running, whole foods, veganism, pesceterianism and other things in general”  but I mainly post about other things in general. So here goes…..

Running is a very natural talent that we’re all born with. Not all us are designed to be Bolt. But we’re all designed to run. Then we have the knee issues, the lower back ache, the sore feet, and the popular shin splits. Here’s why I think we get those and I just think they’re simply because of 2 simple reasons.

  1. We stop being who we’re suppose to be: So let me elaborate, we’re born, we crawl, we walk baby steps ( literally baby steps ) and then we run and walk a lot. Then we start school, have jobs, start living this so-called life and we start sitting on our asses all day long. We become mature, lazy ass responsible adults.  Not only do we start running but we stop even walking enough. Then we finally decide to start running 20 years later, we have bad form, don’t run right, and just become a running catastrophe. You have forgotten how to run and this is what happens when you stop doing it for 10-20 years.
  2. You overdo it: Then we have the fanatics, the enthusiasts, the people who run just to run. They start running after a long while day and night and get pretty good at it but just end up getting hurt cause they start over doing it.

Those are the main and if only the 2 reasons why it can be bad for us. So those of you who hate running, cardio or whatever. Remember, being in a gym isn’t natural, playing with our phones for hours isn’t natural, tv isn’t natural. But RUNNING is. So a friendly tip, go walk. Start a new lifestyle. Put on your headphones if you’re too bored and do it. Ask a friend, a relative or a stranger to join you. Go out there and do what you’re designed to do until it becomes a default. And not the other way around. We go to our smart phones by default, and that’s unnatural.

When you’re confident with walking then throw in a little jog. We’re born to be in the wild man! At least for some time. So let’s act like it. I’m definitely not designed to stay up this late and I can feel it.

me running