How to ( almost ) never be wrong

Today an event occurred, and it involved a lot of conflict, a lot of finger pointing and a whole lot of miscommunication. ┬áIt was mainly miscommunication. I wasn’t involved first hand but I was a party to it in some way.

I then wondered how this could have been avoided. How to stop it from reoccurring.

The only way it would have been ok is if one party would have done absolutely nothing and surrendered to the other. Which got me thinking, is that how someone can never be wrong?

The answer is yes ( almost , there’s always someway you could be wrong )

To always say yes, to never question, to never try, risk or attempt. To stay on the safe side of life and avoid any or all kind of conflict. To be walked on and to never have an opinion. That’s how you’ll never be wrong.

Just walk around, do as you’re told, be a good lad and die a rightful death.

The only thing you would have been wrong at is ” Life “.

It’s a hard one but I’ll be damn sure to make it a worthwhile one.

God bless and Goodbye