To days

To days where you get so wired, you don’t know what to do next.

You have so much in line for you that it’s a little overwhelming.

To days where you have so much work to do that you don’t end up doing anything.

To days where fear conquers and you get to feel shivers down your spine. Sweats, shakes, and look forward to the unknown.

To days where you’re so distracted not because of OCD but because you have so much you don’t know what to do first.

To days where you are completely lost and have a little something called the internet, friends and or books to give you guidance and perspective.

To days where you stay hungry, feel a little hunger and not just Ramadan.

To days where you’re sore all over because you began working out or did a new workout. ┬áThat way you know it’s working.

To days where you make someone you care for smile or laugh.

To days where you’re so broke it isn’t even funny. But it is.

To days where you have nobody to talk to that you are forced to get to know yourself, ask yourself and help yourself. Yourself is a beautiful thing and has so much to offer if you let it.

To days where you’re insomniac but end up doing so much. Your body is a beautiful machine when it needs to be. Just treat it with love, care and compassion.

To days where prayers are answered. Only means you need to do keep doing it harder, longer and more seriously.

To days where you meet new friends and lose a few friends.

To days where you discover you can be a piece of shit, but you’re self aware about it and need to do something to change.

To days where you get backstabbed and you have to bare the pain. Then you grow more aware, sharp and have a better feel for people of such kind.

To days where you mess up so bad that it breaks you into a whole different person. You had to break to change and sometimes it’s too late. *Not to those days.

To days.

To days.

To days.