You’re never gonna be original

You are not original.

It’s very unlikely that you ever will be. There is a chance of that happening, sure. But most likely not and that’s ok.

People try to look for originality and be original. It’s kind of taking over us in a way.

Today a colleague was felling me how a movie she just saw ( which was being praised for being pretty original ) was not original because some movie in 2012 did sort of a similar thing


Is it a good movie or not?

Did you enjoy it or not?

Was it beautifully made, short and told?

If yes! Then screw original

Same goes about ourselves. If we are comfortable in what we wear, consume and do. Then hey! It’s original. Cause only you like it in that particular order, in that particular way and you see it in a particular matter.

But there are probably 1000’s people just like you, BUT as long as you do you in your best and most authentic way then you’re good.

Just be comfortable in the shoes you’re wearing.

A size bigger or smaller will definitely cause some problems. Try it.