I’m grateful for my urine.

I woke up one day and I thought to myself, hey!

I’m ok. I mean, look I’m breathing. What now?

I got up, I could feel everything from the ground up. I went into the bathroom and urinated pain free. As I was urinating I couldn’t help but think of Tom Hanks in the movie  The green mile where had a bladder infection and had to take ages because he had to urinate in such agony. Imagine taking every piss with sheer pain and having to pause to take a deep breath. Then I also remembered the character Hyman Roth from the Godfather telling Al pacino “Corleone ” I’d give four million to be able to take a painless piss. 

I was done for the day. I had enough happiness and content in me to keep me going for the next entire 12 hours. But as time passes you forget, because it becomes ” normal ” and what’s normal you don’t appreciate anymore. So I came home for my lunch break and opened the fridge to find bread. That’s all I had. Bread, and water from the water dispenser. I remembered how James Franco’s character in 127 hours ” Aron ” would drink his piss in order to survive while his hand was stuck in a rock. Then when cut his hand off and got out, he saw a brown puddle of water and drank from it like it was heavens juice.

I looked at that dispenser with deep emotion and looked at where I was. In a kitchen. A kitchen of my own, I was able to make decisions. I was able to move around. I was able to not just survive but had a luxury “option” of thriving if I wanted. I’m in my full form with no deformity ( except for 2 slight numb fingers on my left hand, the index and the middle to be precise but it’s all good )

I am a man full of riches and I piss pain free.

What am I taking the piss for?