Our Ancestors

He told me he was giving his 2 month old daughter water because his grandmother did that to his father at that age. I mentioned, you do know that there’s not only science to debunk that but also countless of babies are being admitted due to stomach ache and the reason is because our grandparents and parents have done it and we have turned out alright.

Then comes the caveman diet, it’s so simple cavemen did it 😉 ( that’s the slogan). Why on God’s green earth would I want to live like a friggin cave man? We are not living in the past, why do we turn back and try to mimic such a reverse era?

We have not come this far to start ditching grains. We have not come this far to neglect the environmental impact caused by factory farms. We have not come this far to avoid the deforestation being caused.

The most radical change you can do in 2015 is GO VEGAN.  We are not on top of the food chain anymore. We have evolved and go out of the food chain completely and have become self sustainable.

Veganism is the answer, and if anything our ancestors would be pleased to see us try to make a positive change towards ourselves and the planet. They lived the best way then could and we will live the best way we can.

Will definitely continue to write more regarding our ancestors but this is good for now.