We are so powerful yet so weak.

We are so powerful yet so weak.

Today I feel humbled, not weak really but just powerless. Maybe weak isn’t the right word here. I do know that powerless is basically a synonym to weak, but I think weak is when you’re incapable due to self restraint. Not always but usually. For example I’m weak for ice cream. That’s all me.

But for powerless,I like to use it in different contexts. I’m powerless to how others think of me. I’m powerless to what is to fall upon me today.

No control. No consciousness. No visibility.

We like to think we’re all high and mighty but that’s just funny. We walk around talking, thinking and doing like there’s no tomorrow. Even though today could be our last. Sure, that isn’t a way to live. But it’s good to have it at the back of our heads. It’s good to have purpose. Not mission. Mission can be hard, people struggle with missions, it depresses them because they don’t have one.

You don’t need to have a mission. You need to have purpose and values. That’ll help you make it through the day. Here’s an example just to not be so vague.

A mission is like having a goal, a purpose if you may. I want to be an astronaut, I want to clean up all the beaches on this island, I want to have my own restaurant etc.

And you end up working towards it.

A purpose is more geared towards our humanity I’d like to believe. To be good. Be kind. Be a good employee, a good father, mother, brother, sister. Make someone smile today. Pay it forward. That can be a beautiful purpose. Don’t get lost in titles, pop culture and mission statements.

More on mission and purpose in another post.

Acknowledge the power that you have and use it. You’re beautiful mind is first and the body you’re wearing. Take care of it, it’ll thank you tenfold and return the favor. Listen to your thoughts, inner dialogues, and perceptions. You’re powerful. Use it

Acknowledge your weakness to the unknown. The future. The uncertainty of what will be. You have no control over what’s going to happen to you, your loved ones and this planet.

Now roam free with all the power that you have and Rest In Peace with the weaknesses that you have no control over what happens around you.

“ I want to end this with a personal note and what inspired this post. Today morning a lot has happened. One of my friends ended up fainting and is in the ICU due to a lung clot. This guy is bigger than life and is like an unstoppable force. He was brought down to his knees involuntary. He didn’t get to choose that, he didn’t have a say. Later after that my kids went to the park and I had to go to work. My son Sam fell of a pretty high ramp on his face and pretty much looks like a better version of two face. No one chose that. No one would. But I’m powerless to that. God bless, stay conscious, and don’t worry. You cannot control everything. Work on yourself and what you can control. Humanity will be better for it “