The wheel has already been invented and we all know that but it has also been re invented.

It has been re invented more than new ones were invented.

The first computers did not have electrical circuits, monitors or memory. The abacus, an ancient Chinese adding machine, is one of the original computing machines,  used as early as 400 B.C. There goes your wheel.

Famous mathematicians such as Leonardo da Vinci and Blaise Pascal invented more sophisticated calculators using gears and punch cards. Wheel reinvented

In 1876 Alexander Grahamin invented the first ever telephone. Here’s something he wrote in one of his letters.  “I believe in the future wires will unite the head offices of telephone companies in different cities, and a man in one part of the country may communicate by word of mouth with another in a distant place.”

That wheel as we know has been and is still being reinvented. Landlines, mobile phones, smart phones etc etc.

Time to talk about reinvention that we humans can do. This post is mainly being written for myself, because I need to reinvent myself now more than ever. And the reason that I’m writing it to the general public is because it has worked for me over and over again. Over the years I have re invented myself various times and have also seen how people have re invented themselves by reading biographies and history lessons.

Ill be writing a lot more about reinvention as I go. But for now, these are the steps that Ill be taking.

  1. Write. Because I express through writing. I may not be very good at literature but I’m good or at least feel good when I express my self. I write for various reasons, but writing everyday will help me improve my creativity, help others and know more about myself.
  2. Workout. This I have recently bene very bad at. But in order to reinvent myself, I need to be strong enough to do it. Its hard on us. On the body and on the mind. It takes a lot to reinvent, so I need to stat fit while I do it.
  3. Early rise. Waking up early is key to getting a lot more done in your day and just staying ahead of the game. One of my favourite quotes is one by Benjamin Franklin who said: “Early to bed and early to risemakes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”.  
  4. Vlogging. Making videos, short films are something that I’m passionate about. It’s something that has me at the edge of my creativity  and I absolutely love it.
  5. Smile. I always smile. I smile when in pain, whilst facing adversity, when in joy. It makes whatever process you’re going through easier
  6. Diet. Eating the right foods will make your life 1000x better. Just in how you feel, how it digests, how you smell, energy levels, lethargacy etc.  SO, eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

These are the steps that I’ll be taking in order to reinvent myself. And this is a little of a selfish post. But this is only the beginning. I will definitely be writing more on reinvention and how you can do it. This only applies to me or anyone who has similar interests.

What moves you?  What inspires you? How do you get inspired?  Use this post as a guide to be doing what you love. Start reinventing your wheel.

Now is the time.

Here’s a little video I made on reinvention