2016. What now?

It’s the first post of the year. I have so much to say, so much to write. I don’t even know where to start from or what to topic to choose first. Thoughts are flying through my head and it’s hard to put it all together in one post. It’s confusing actually and will probably not make that much sense either.

Well let me start with this being a new year then and my resolutions right?
Since all of us have new years resolutions, I think it’s appropriate that I have some too. But I don’t want to have any. I just don’t think that way. I use the new year to look back at what I have accomplished and not to start accomplishing.  I am constantly thinking of how to better myself and in what areas should I be investing in more of my time and effort. Would have liked to say money too but I’m afraid that money is not something I acquire enough of to actually invest in anything which is comforting. I’m not tied by it. But that’s a whole other post of it’s own. Back to what I do in the new year. Nothing really. Look back and reflect. Here’s what went well for me and what didn’t. What went well..

  1. I started writing and this has helped me a lot more than I have imagined. It taught me patience, creativity and mainly the power of consistency. One of the other topics flying through my head is about this blog and i’ll definitely write about how precisely it has helped.
  2. A month or less before new years I kick started my Youtube channel again and I’m absolutely loving it. I can’t believe I didn’t start earlier. What an idiot. I kept on stalling and waiting for the perfect video, the perfect topic, and the perfect timing. News flash: There is no perfect anything. Produce what you love and talk about what you’re passionate about and watch it turn into perfection. Just do it. That’s the only way it will turn into something beautiful.
  3. I have gotten more offers to teach around. My teaching/coaching career has kicked off and I’m truly blessed and honored to know that a stuttering person like me is able to educate and entertain 100’s of people over the whole year. Not many people had any faith in me when I was growing up, but the few that did really kept me going and I never stopped having faith in me, regardless of what people told me. I was pretty cocky. And that helped me develop in the long turn.
  4. I have a beautiful new bundle of happiness in the family. A baby daughter. She’s the reason why I work even harder. I want her to be proud of me and I hope I make her proud and she’s able to look up to me and tell others how I have touched her life in an indescribable way.
  5. I learnt a lot about myself and fought me till I became better. Still need to fight me. I’m a work in progress.
  6. I have figured it out. The past year was all about figuring it out. And I think I have it pretty much figured out. Not completely and I don’t think I’ll ever fully know and thats fine. But I feel good about what I have figured out so far. Now all I have to do is do, do, do and do some more.
  7. I’ve met some amazing people from plenty walks of life. And that has turned me into a really tolerable ( *more tolerable ) and open minded person.
  8. My home business has flourished and we are now serving up to a 100 people a month sometimes. That’s huge for me. I feel good about it because we actually provide an honest to God good product that benefits people. It’s what I want. A healthier world. A healthier island.
  9. I’ve learned to love more.

The not so good about 2015.

  1. I haven’t grown athletically as I do every year. But that’s fine. I’ve seen people I was stronger and faster than beat me. And I’ve accepted and come to terms with it. It’s nice how people grow.Gives me hope. I’m now a different athlete. No longer a competitive one ( for now at least) but an adventurous one. And I feel physically and mentally better for that.
  2. I have learned I have demons I have to fight. But don’t we all. These are just new demons.
  3. Money has been bad. This is pretty personal but it has been a great experience. It has also helped me deal with money in a different way.
  4. I stalled. I stalled a lot things the past year and this is maybe the worse one of all. I can’t bring back  lost time and I hate myself for it. But let bygones be bygones. I waited too long to write posts. All I did was write down all my ideas. I waited too long to make awesome videos. All I had were fantasies of them. I hope I get better at this and I will look back at this a year from now and compare it. This is what I do, I look back and see what I have accomplished. and keep doing what’s need to be done.

That’s pretty much all I can think of right now. oh and I guess sleep. Haven’t slept as good as I used to but I now feel fine with 6 hours of sleep vs 8-10.

Happy new year everybody. If you’ve waited for this time to come to better yourself then please don’t wait any longer. Life’s too short and everytime I look I say I wish I’ve began earlier. The earlier your start, the faster you progress.