Why running is the worst possible sport for you.

We have all read the stories and seen the before and after picture of amazing weight loss transformation

Sure. It’s possible. But in the process you’ll probably get injured a dozen times before reaching your desired weight. You see, we have evolved. We are not designed to run anymore. We have taken our body, abused it by keeping it idle for years, sitting on desks for hours, driving cars, and sitting on our asses socialising at restaurants for leisure.

So now that we have grown out of the whole caveman physiology and moved into the businessman/woman physiology. Running is going to destroy you. Most people walk wrong let alone run. So when we’ve been sitting down for 20 years and then decide to up and start running, you’re in for a surprise my friend. The body we once thought would carry our sorry asses through a marathon ( or even a 5k ) has now been demolished and will hurt us in the process.

We hurt it first. We let it go. We neglected it. We injured its very purpose and now its payback time. You’re likely to get knee, back, neck and all sort of odd injuries you’ve never had before. And of course in our minds running is the culprit.

So now that we’ve gotten running out of the way. What can you do for weight loss or to start running again.

Walk. Get your body acquainted with moving again with using its feet for over 20 minutes. While you’re at it, stay aware of posture. Stop walking like you’ve got something stuck between your legs. Unless you have an injury here’s the ideal way to talk.

  • Toes pointing forward
  • Back straight.
  • Shoulders up ( Imagine stabilising a parrot on your shoulder while you’re walking. Do not drop Paulie)
  • Chest up
  • Back straight

Its going to hurt. I myself struggle to always walk right. I blame no one by myself. But I’m working towards to it and first thing that helps is self awareness. So before you start running, walk. Walk for at least 3 months, then when you’ve fixed your posture and positioning throw in a short jog. Walk jog walk . But the difference is that you’re doing it right and the chances of injury is now minimal. Time to get the body ready for what it was suppose to do.

I have written about running before and how we were designed to run. Key word being were. This post is about how we have amazingly evolved through that. Strength and body workout is also a great hep in strengthening the body before we decide to run as well.

I will be writing more on this topic, but for now this is it.


The movie that distracted me from writing

It’s one of those movies where you can’t turn down or if you’re reading the book then can’t put down. I have run out of words to put in a good post recently but will write regardless.

It’s about.. well it’s about a lot of stuff. Patriotism, friendship, pride, love, family and career. It’s a great combination of events going in, its fast paced but at the same time it gives you a little time to get you emotionally involved with the characters.  Now I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of movies and will continue to watch even hundreds more. I love it. It has my attention and it gives me something to think about. I think I’ll start writing about movies that are worth writing about and that can be seen by all ages. And that probably has a good moral.

So what movie/book am I talking about?! kite

Have you guessed it yet?


Ok you may guessed it and you may have not. It’s kite runner!! The reason I write about this movie was because I just happen to watch while I was writing up a blog post and it completely deviated me from typing anymore. I mean completely. I watched this movie with ads. I forgot how good it was and I never watch movies ads. Yuck ads!!

Anyways, for those who may have seen or read, then you can read along. Those who haven’t if you don’t like spoilers then don’t I guess. But please watch or read it. Like for real.

The story takes place in the 197o’s in Afghanistan when it was all sunshine and rainbows before the war and the Taliban. It’s about 3 characters mainly, Ameer, Baba and Hassan. As children, Ameer and Hassan were inseparable; their long days under azure Kabul skies often spent getting into innocent mischief or preparing for the highly anticipated kite-fighting tournament. When the day of the tournament arrives, however, a glorious victory is quickly offset by an act of betrayal that ultimately serves as the catalyst for catastrophe. Not long after that fateful day, Amir moves away to America, leaving his old friend behind just as the country turn into a war zone. Two decades later, Amir returns to Afghanistan to find his beloved homeland has now fallen under the iron-fisted rule of the Taliban. Still, all hope for redemption hasn’t been lost just yet, because now that Amir stands face to face with the irrepressible secrets that he struggled so vigilantly to bury, he will receive one last chance to make peace with the past, and lay the groundwork for a brighter future.

Now, I haven’t read the book but some say that the movie is soulless compare to the book! WHAT?!. Man, then the book is definitely bound to turn me into a 13 year old girl. If you’re into reading and have the time. Buy the book, read it, get soft and feel better for you have read a masterpiece.

Not enough time and prefer a movie, watch it, turn into an 18 year old literature student that may or may not feel this emptiness in his/her heart towards the end of the movie. The movie is a little fast paced, and I’m sure by now tons of people have already watched it. But watch it again, just do it.

” For you readers a thousand times over”

Watch/read it and you’ll know what I mean.































































5 days to ironman 70.3 Bahrain

I’m sore  and haven’t tapered yet. Ordered top of the line nutrition and a wrong order arrived. I have been swamped with work and cannot say no to it, because as a freelancer you just can’t refuse work, not at this stage of my life at least.

I’ve trained for this race for under a month. My longest run was the 10k I wrote about around 3 weeks ago. And it wasn’t even fast. I’m trying to sleep more, but it can be challenging.

I have a few ticks up my sleeve and will see how it goes. Humble goal: 6:30, non realistic goal: beating last years time of 6:10 ( which I was kind of in shape for ) and the  unattainable goal under 6 hours.

For now, eat super well, try and get as much sleep as I can and easy workouts. Work load is increasing by the day. That’s good if it was any other time. But that’s life. Throwing curve balls at me. Just have to me focus and deal with it the right way.

To all you tapering. I salute you. See you at the start line.

A little about running

So today as I read the subtitle of my blog, I decide to be true to it for a little while and actually write about running.  My blog after all does say: “Running, whole foods, veganism, pesceterianism and other things in general”  but I mainly post about other things in general. So here goes…..

Running is a very natural talent that we’re all born with. Not all us are designed to be Bolt. But we’re all designed to run. Then we have the knee issues, the lower back ache, the sore feet, and the popular shin splits. Here’s why I think we get those and I just think they’re simply because of 2 simple reasons.

  1. We stop being who we’re suppose to be: So let me elaborate, we’re born, we crawl, we walk baby steps ( literally baby steps ) and then we run and walk a lot. Then we start school, have jobs, start living this so-called life and we start sitting on our asses all day long. We become mature, lazy ass responsible adults.  Not only do we start running but we stop even walking enough. Then we finally decide to start running 20 years later, we have bad form, don’t run right, and just become a running catastrophe. You have forgotten how to run and this is what happens when you stop doing it for 10-20 years.
  2. You overdo it: Then we have the fanatics, the enthusiasts, the people who run just to run. They start running after a long while day and night and get pretty good at it but just end up getting hurt cause they start over doing it.

Those are the main and if only the 2 reasons why it can be bad for us. So those of you who hate running, cardio or whatever. Remember, being in a gym isn’t natural, playing with our phones for hours isn’t natural, tv isn’t natural. But RUNNING is. So a friendly tip, go walk. Start a new lifestyle. Put on your headphones if you’re too bored and do it. Ask a friend, a relative or a stranger to join you. Go out there and do what you’re designed to do until it becomes a default. And not the other way around. We go to our smart phones by default, and that’s unnatural.

When you’re confident with walking then throw in a little jog. We’re born to be in the wild man! At least for some time. So let’s act like it. I’m definitely not designed to stay up this late and I can feel it.

me running

Challenge: 70.3

So tomorrow I officially start training for the Ironman 70.3 which is one month. Yes, one month. So I looked up everywhere on line for a one month training plan and the craziest one was 6 weeks. Yes, 6 weeks and that’s one plan that I had to dig up. I have 4 weeks left. There was nothing out there that even recommended a one most training plan. Here goes.

Can I do it? I mean, truth be told, yes! I could, but it’s not just about finishing, it’s about finishing strong and going through each discipline with confidence and grace. At last year’s Challenge ( half iron distance) I also didn’t have a training plan but I was always swimming, biking and running. I finished in 6 hours and 10 minutes. Not bad for my first ever half iron distance and no training plan.

But this year is different. I haven’t been biking at all and that scares me, Have been barely running and have been mostly swimming ( the smallest fraction of all three disciplines). So am I worried? I’m just confused, excited and a little scared. I’d like to finish in under 6 hours 30 minutes really just because I get bored out there and because I don’t want to be out there for so long. I just don’t.

So here’s what I’m going to do. Train super hard for a month, listen to my body, eat even better and hope I don’t crack. So wish me all luck and I may just keep you posted ( not that anyone should care)


At last year’s challenge Bahrain