Little Jimmy

Little Jimmy never had an education.

He went to school, had friends and was always surrounded with people. He later went to community college. His parents and friends decide it’s important to have a certificate in something to make him ” stand out “.

Little did he know that the country was flooded with training certificates. He continued anyways. He cheated in his exams and went along with life. After graduation he wanted to buy a new car. The only way for that to happen was a job.

He applied everywhere but didn’t have any idea what and where to apply to ?

After 2 months of job hunting which felt like an eternity to him, family and friends. His uncle got him a job at a warehouse. He hated it. He hated every minute of it. He didn’t belong in a warehouse. He belonged in an office. With a secretary. And an espresso machine, and not those cheap ones, but the full on fancy ones.

You see, all Jimmy had was his community. All his community had were each other. No one ever had an education. All they had was a bubble of negativity, wining and blaming.

Jimmy was pretty much doomed of life.

Don’t let jimmy be doomed. Get educated, get out of society’s bubble and start listening more.