Tonight’s the night

Tonight is the night I’d like to sleep

Tonight I’ll go to bed and lay to rest.

Tonight my body and mind synchronise together.

Tonight is the night. Tonight is the night. Tonight is the night

What I do when I can’t sleep part 1

Recently I’ve been having trouble sleeping. I used to hate it.

Now I don’t, I almost think of it as a blessing. We usually have so many things we want to do, so when you can’t sleep, get up and do something that fires you up ( Social media doesn’t count, if anything that’s one thing you shouldn’t do because you’re on it all day )

I usually do some video editing, watch a movie or read. Those are my go to three things that I do. At night, it’s quiet, dark and just so much opportunity.

If you end up doing something that makes you feel good and I mean really good, something that fires you up. You’ll wake up pretty happy in the morning. Regardless of how long you’ve slept.

( to be continued….. Brain fog due to 2 nights of bad sleep in a row )

How to make it through an all nighter with a bang

Yesterday I’ve been up for over 24 hours. I even typed half of this post ( which I can’t find anymore ) .

I know I preach a lot of early sleeping, well being etc etc. But because life isn’t this wave of rainbow that we get to predict, we always need to be ready with plan B. No matter what.

So this post will hopefully prepare you for a great day following an all nighter, and/or sleep under 3 hours. *I do not recommend anyone try anything stupid like that though

Now I’m one of those that wake up over the slightest noise, movement or whatnot. And that’s a terrible thing to have unless you have assassins after you, you are pretty much cursed. The other night, the wind woke me up. The wind. Yes, then I stayed up till 7:00 am till my son woke up and that was that.

But I had a great and productive till about 8:45 pm. Here’s how you can too. * oh, also this only works for one nighters that are rare. For those who actually do sleep that little and have frequent one nighters I really don’t know  if this would work

  1. Exercise: as counter intuitive as that sounds, please trust me it works. You get energy from moving. You have better blood circulation and it works all around. I’m not gonna geek this point out but just do it.
  2. Hydrate: That must have probably been number 1, but who cares you’re  basically hungover, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be extremely dehydrated so please drink enough and drink frequently.
  3. Stay as active as you possibly can: Do a lot. Schedule mini meetings, and be outdoors with some sun
  4. Caffeine up : Do some legal drugs in the afternoon, not in the morning. Way too soon. You gotta pace those antioxidants they call drugs. * I didn’t do any coffee yesterday but I would if I felt like I needed it.
  5. Eat frequent but in small portions: do not and I repeat do not eat a big and heavy meal, or else you’re done. I warned you, you’re done. You should be eating very little portions and mostly healthy plant foods to give you the energy you need just to make it through the day. This isn’t the day you get to pig out on Mommy’s supposedly healthy meal.
  6. Nap: If you can squeeze in a mini nap. Do it, life changer.

Over and out.


If there’s one thing I could do in 2018 is sleep better. I remember 3-4 years ago, I used to sleep so well it was ridiculous. Early to bed and early out of bed. Never a problem.

But after having 2 kids, more responsibilities, a good night’s sleep is like a dream sometimes. I have also become super prone to staying up all damn night. It’s this new thing with me, I don’t even understand it.

I’m now typing this with tired eyes, shaky finger tips and a clouded brain.

I’m not sure whether I should be happy that I slept so well before or be mad that I could have gotten more work done.

I for now shall accept responsibility and be happy for all of the good nights rest I had.

Do you have this sleeping problem as well?

I woke up at 6am and started my day. Drank water, exercised, prayed, read, and went to work. I left the house and it was absolutely hot, I hated myself. The sun was bothering me, the cars were getting too close to me and the traffic lights seemed to be making a practical joke out of me.

I slept at 12 am and woke up at 6 am. Pretty good right? Every time I get 5-6 hours of sleep, I end up making the worse decisions and get annoyed at uncontrollable things like the sun. I don’t function with coffee and/or tea, that’s not the way I roll. If I did have any then I’d be anxiously annoyed at all of the above. I also realize that I don’t handle conflicts well when I don’t get enough sleep. For instance, a student asks me a question in class and I get annoyed. Why are you going off-topic? I also become a little melodramatic, If I hear two people in the teacher’s room whisper I feel like shouting at loud “You’re talking about me aren’t you?, Just admit it. Aren’t you? Huh?”

Today I had 9 hours of sleep and I left home and stared at the sun for a couple of seconds, and smiled. The traffic jam seemed enjoyable and I used the time to calmly listen to podcasts. The traffic lights opened up its arms to me and said ” You have smiled upon us and for that, we give you the green lights”. I go to work and look at paper work and say “that’s it”.

I think most if not 99% of society is under slept due to distractions or in my case because when I come back from work at 9:15 pm I don’t feel like going right to bed. I wanna have a conversation,I wanna read and maybe also write a little. So I end up doing a little of all 3 and hate myself in the process. But last night I slept at 10 and woke and did a little of all 3 and loved myself for it and it’s just 10 am. I can even nap a little too.

I end this with a quote: ” Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you need less sleep, if they do, then walk away and never look back”