How to be pure

He was staring at me non stop. It was probably my man bun. I was looked at in weird ways by abusers, liars, hypocrites, cheaters with a few thieves thrown in. But they were better people than I was. They were the chosen ones, all hand picked by God himself. Anyone to forfend by what they believed was wrong, were WRONG. There was no messing with those people.

I was covered in shame, trying to hide my face using my hair. Since they weren’t pleased by the man bun, I untied it and let my shoulder length hair cover my face so I could hide behind it. I took a peek through the layers and they weren’t happy at all. It felt like they were casting me out of heaven forever. I left there with hate and promising to grow my hair even longer. I have now become stubbornly hateful because I was jealous of those who had the key to heaven. Since I was out anyways I was gonna be bad to the bone.

After watching Terminator 2 for some motivation on being bad to the bone I got even more upset because the bad guy was liquid metal and there was no way in hell I could be like that. Great, now hell too.

I took a good look at myself in the mirror and realized that I wasn’t casted our of heaven yet. I am not dead yet. I have time to redeem myself and have a clean bun instead of a messy one.I figured I’d start there. I felt better about myself. I went in to work lifting my bun with pride. It was all neatly tucked in and I was getting less dirty look and more clean looks.

I then saw someone walk in with an undercut. How dare he walk in here looking like that?!!! Where does he think he is? This is the middle east. Then walked in a women with a pierced lip. HOW DOUBLE DARE YOU? You both ought to DOUBLE DATE. I then remembered how I was casted out of heaven with mere judgmental looks. I stopped casting them out and smiled at them. They looked at me weirdly. I smiled even more hoping they could the read the smile, which read ” It’s okay, I understand. I know what you go through sometimes. And I’m not casting you out of heaven, don’t worry.” They walked out and we lost 2 potential clients. But at least they walked out knowing I was with them.

I made another decision , to never try and cast anyone out of heaven again or give them judgmental looks. We are all going through our own journey and kindness always wins. I was gentle with myself and It worked. The gentler I became with people, the more they accepted me and I them. I formed a bond with myself and a pact to never judge anyone based on appearance, race, color or food choices ( I’m working on this one ) .

And how did I get my self out of hell after being casted out of heaven?! It was one good decision. And I think that’s something I ought to work on more often. Making better decisions. 

I have rid myself out of the purist mentality a long time ago and have met and made more friends with people from all walks of life. Some who didn’t even walk much. And I’ve accepted them in my heart. It all started with a better decision. So the next time I make a move, I’ll think of the better decision and take that one step forward. We will always be on a high horse and look down at other, the purer we are. Lets rid ourselves of purity. It’s non existent. Making a better decision exists and the next good decision will be to post this.



Why it pays off to sometimes be an A$&Ho%E

I come to class late and enter the class in fear that I didn’t secure my spot away from the guy who bullies me. It’s too late, I’ll have to sit next to him and be humiliated for 45 minutes. During the next class it’s time to move to another room, I run there quickly intentionally chose the seat next to him. We all stand up to greet the teacher and as we sit down I move his chair back so he falls and we all laugh. I look at him with a smile that translates “How you like me now?”. I bought rings over the weekend, my parents weren’t pleased, especially my father but little did he know that I was gonna leave a mark on someone who has been as ASSHOLE/Bully to me for a long period of time. During break he looks for me and I know he’s looking for me, so he comes over and shoves me, I expected worse. I aim directly at his head making sure the rings make a nice skull voice. We all got parted and I wasn’t bullied by him ever again. I was 16.

Later on in life, ended up getting a job while in university and had a good start with the boss. The thing is I wasn’t getting paid and it’s been 3 months with no salary. I ave gained the boss’s trust by then so ended up using it against him and told him that if I don’t get paid I’ll tell them exactly what you do here ( basically nothing ) and how you use the branch as your own personal game room. I got paid and then was told that they no longer needed a temp. At least I got paid.

You see sometimes in order to be taken serious you have to be an Asshole. To be heard you sometimes have to be distasteful or else nothing will be done.Countries have been freed, abusive husbands and wives, Mps, horrible bosses have been brought to justice because of assholes. Here’s why! Because the opponents are just bigger asshole. So we sometimes have to suck it up and be smaller assholes.

Generally, I don’t pay much attention to people who get aggravated with my opinions and such. Social media has been, is and will always be 100 percent optional and opt-in. If you don’t care for someone’s content or perspective, you can unfollow. And despite what your instincts tell you, doing so is not bad, wrong or negative.

Keep in mind that I don’t typically espouse my opinions as if I’m right and everyone else is wrong. I have some decorum and tact about how I voice things. In fact, I am attracted to intelligent discourse on any subject, am happy to admit when I’m wrong and am generally fair and polite.

But I still get under people’s skin sometimes.

Being an asshole person can increase your salary. It can get you more promotions and material possessions. By not caring about the effect we are having on anyone or anything outside of ourselves, we have the ability to trample over others and use any tactics necessary to get what we want. When asked by some why do I have to be an asshole, and the simple answer is: ” At some point, someone has to be one, and it might as well be you”

Now why do I use such a vulgar term? In today’s world, many words have many different meanings and apart from anus, asshole also means douchebag, reprehensible, hateful, unspeakable and mean. So modern word asshole means ” an irritating person” .

Stay tuned for “Why it pays off to be a good person” 🙂

P.s I’m a very nice person in general. Not that I care what you think. Just saying

Our society and food

A customer of mine was talking to me about how her grand daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (she’s 5) and what do I recommend she feeds her. I told her to feed her whole foods, foods that aren’t processed and closest to nature.

She then told me “but the thing is, she loves potato chips, chocolate and ice cream”.

Mmm okay! She’s 5. You control what you feed her and not the other way around.
I do agree that type 1 diabetes is genetic but all of this could have been delayed to a much older age if they took care of what she eats.

Do you think if commercial chocolate was replaced with cacao avocado chia pudding, and potato chips with baked sweet potatoes, and ice cream with home-made nice cream, shawarma with good old steamed rice and veggies, candy with ripe sweet cold fruits ,burgers with home made quinoa burger with low oil and salt, that she would have caught it this young??!? IMPOSSIBLE. Not this young at least . Her childhood now is being monitored with a sugar level machine that’s tied to her arm all the time.

You’re going to have to battle society when it comes to living healthy, especially when it come to kids. Everyone thinks they know best. I’ve been battling society, family and friends and still get the occasional false lectures. Love it. That’s the only way you’ll survive.

As a father now , I know I’ll have to battle society, family and friends and I’m going full on head first. As my dad said about kids “somethings you don’t have to convince them about ” and I don’t have to convince anyone about why I choose a healthy lifestyle for my family and myself. Some people call me extreme. You know what’s extreme: A FIVE YEAR OLD DIABETIC, AN OBESE KID, HEART DISEASE. THAT’S EXTREME not a plant based lifestyle. Lol we all have it backwards. I’m just grateful that I opened my eyes before it was too late

So let the battles begin. Cause I’m fully charged.

And another thing to those who say “well, its genetic and I’m going to get sick anyways”. Are you listening to yourself? It’s like saying my iPhone will be damaged a year or two from now so I’ll use it as my squash ball. Do you see what I’m saying?!

And to all those YOLO’s out there, you’re not just affecting yourself when you eat like shit but you’re affecting the generations to come after you. How do you think diseases are genetically transferred? Someone had to start eating like YOLO and now you’re genetically gifted with 90% chance of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Break the cycle and fix your self and so you give those who come after you a better and cleaner shot at life.

Was I really lied too..?

In my previous post ” I’ve been lied too..” I stated a few things that I feel were said to me that weren’t absolutely accurate. But today morning as I woke up, I saw a comment on my post that said ” Not lies, but hopes and dreams” . That right there struck a chord and you know I wasn’t lied to per se.

To not sound like it was a plot against me to be lied too or something crazy like that, a little rephrasing is in order. We as a society are hard-wired a certain way, be it culture, religion, tradition etc and I don’t blame anyone in particular for the incorrect information that I’ve been told but I am annoyed.

We are told to do things a certain way because it’ll align with life and it will resonate with how the world is ( or their world ), which isn’t the best place in the planet now ( they’re saying mars is looking brighter now, especially after the discovery of water. I assume we’ll be able to have water fasting retreats in mars real soon ). So, what I do have a bit of an issue with is the updates of mindsets over the years. Times are changing and we HAVE to be changing with it, or else we will  progress as fast.

For those who still think you need to go to university or study a certain field because it’s the trend now, or those think that we either marry from a certain tribe/family members or else we’re bad people or those who think doing things a certain way that they or they’re ancestors did ( like the paleo diet, what is up with that backward diet mentality? )  please re-think you’re options and acknowledge that there are now better alternatives that are more practical, more aligned with the world today and will get us further in life.

And let me make clear that I’m not talking about values that we have to drop to be aligned with the world. The one thing that’s going down hill from here year after year and decade after decade are ethics, values and morals. So that maybe the only one thing that we should stick too and that I believe will always make us shine in any era. Respect is the same as it was in the1920’s, that hasn’t changed . It’s just the way of doing things that have, and that there are better ways of doing them.

We are all told these things in the hope that we’ll be better people and that we’ll shine as our ancestors once did. But the world is moving faster than ever and we  either adapt or perish.

The one thing I’m not taking back is main steam media. Yes, they have a hidden agenda and yes its a very old plot that has been there for ages to get us all thinking a certain way that’ll benefit the rich and powerful while keeping masses just informed enough to go through life as a machine. Beware of the media and what it portrays. Do not buy what they tell us we need, I just need the new iPhone because I have to stay updated and provide you guys with better content faster, right? 🙂

media 3


I’ve been lied too…

I was told I had to get good grades in high school to get into a good university. FALSE! I was gonna go into a poor university in both cases, cause for 1 ) I wasn’t trusted by my parents so I wasn’t really gonna go anywhere and 2) most of the people I know that got poor-average grades and ended up going to universities abroad, so it didn’t really matter how their grades were as long as they passed high school, ok maybe not Harvard but you know what I mean. Point being, you don’t need good graded to get into a decent university, just $$$$$. I bet you didn’t know.So, looking at it that way, super glad I didn’t study that hard ( I was mainly grounded but still didn’t study, until now its a mystery why but I’ll get to bottom of it )

I was also told that I needed to choose a career, that’s the biggest joke in 2015. If you want a dead-end boring office job then yes you need a career. If you want to be  stuck doing the same boring thing for the rest of your life then yes, get a career.Don’t get me wrong, I respect who have careers and are actually HAPPY. Don’t know too many though. Read my post on what I wanna be when I grow up 

I was told that it would be best to marry someone from the same culture by friends, family and of course the culture. What is my culture anyways? I mean seriously, who am I?. Instead I married someone completely out of my circle, and boy did I get lucky. My wife is one of major things in my life that I’m grateful for ( not sure she feels the same way ) but I cannot imagine my life without her. Never in a million years would I have even imagined marrying someone from such a distant culture. Marry who you fall in love with but before love make sure that you both completely accept each other and have a mutual understanding or else love isn’t enough. Love comes after that or maybe even later. It’s the brains, the understanding of one another and then maybe love.

So many told me that I’ll never be taken seriously if I had long hair in this culture. I’ve never been taken more serious before in my life. People actually look up to me. Even I find it shocking. It’s maybe because I look more foreign I don’t know. But I like it and I’m keeping it till I think of something else I can do with my hair. Any suggestions?  ( I do get a few dirty looks from time to time, but I think I always got those )

They told me that dairy is good for me? I’ll grow strong bones and be some sort of Hercules. Ha ha ha!! Dairy products in 2015 is one of the most unhealthiest foods you could consume. Don’t take my word for it, check out Alia al Moayed’s article, oh and she’s a certified nutritionist.

They said protein will help me recover faster, build muscle and it’s just good for you. So please, just have some ok!!!  I stopped eating meat and chicken, and never have I felt stronger, had more energy and I have better mental clarity. Still working on my ADD though.

Watch the news to stay updated with latest about the news and to know the truth about the world they said. Pfft, mainstream media is all of big web of lies with a hidden agenda to corrupt and just keeps you dumb. If I wanna be entertained I listen to the BBC cause I get an absolute kick out of it. Love it, in fact that’s my favorite news broadcast.

Have you been lied to as well..?

Do you need animal products to survive? Do you need to be a doctor to live a comfortable life and so society can be proud of you or so that you can be a trophy to family members? Do you still read the news and go like “aha, that’s so true” or do you have to marry your cousin or else you’re an outcast?

What kind of lies were you told…?