How to be pure

He was staring at me non stop. It was probably my man bun. I was looked at in weird ways by abusers, liars, hypocrites, cheaters with a few thieves thrown in. But they were better people than I was. They were the chosen ones, all hand picked by God himself. Anyone to forfend by what they believed was wrong, were WRONG. There was no messing with those people.

I was covered in shame, trying to hide my face using my hair. Since they weren’t pleased by the man bun, I untied it and let my shoulder length hair cover my face so I could hide behind it. I took a peek through the layers and they weren’t happy at all. It felt like they were casting me out of heaven forever. I left there with hate and promising to grow my hair even longer. I have now become stubbornly hateful because I was jealous of those who had the key to heaven. Since I was out anyways I was gonna be bad to the bone.

After watching Terminator 2 for some motivation on being bad to the bone I got even more upset because the bad guy was liquid metal and there was no way in hell I could be like that. Great, now hell too.

I took a good look at myself in the mirror and realized that I wasn’t casted our of heaven yet. I am not dead yet. I have time to redeem myself and have a clean bun instead of a messy one.I figured I’d start there. I felt better about myself. I went in to work lifting my bun with pride. It was all neatly tucked in and I was getting less dirty look and more clean looks.

I then saw someone walk in with an undercut. How dare he walk in here looking like that?!!! Where does he think he is? This is the middle east. Then walked in a women with a pierced lip. HOW DOUBLE DARE YOU? You both ought to DOUBLE DATE. I then remembered how I was casted out of heaven with mere judgmental looks. I stopped casting them out and smiled at them. They looked at me weirdly. I smiled even more hoping they could the read the smile, which read ” It’s okay, I understand. I know what you go through sometimes. And I’m not casting you out of heaven, don’t worry.” They walked out and we lost 2 potential clients. But at least they walked out knowing I was with them.

I made another decision , to never try and cast anyone out of heaven again or give them judgmental looks. We are all going through our own journey and kindness always wins. I was gentle with myself and It worked. The gentler I became with people, the more they accepted me and I them. I formed a bond with myself and a pact to never judge anyone based on appearance, race, color or food choices ( I’m working on this one ) .

And how did I get my self out of hell after being casted out of heaven?! It was one good decision. And I think that’s something I ought to work on more often. Making better decisions.¬†

I have rid myself out of the purist mentality a long time ago and have met and made more friends with people from all walks of life. Some who didn’t even walk much. And I’ve accepted them in my heart. It all started with a better decision. So the next time I make a move, I’ll think of the better decision and take that one step forward. We will always be on a high horse and look down at other, the purer we are. Lets rid ourselves of purity. It’s non existent. Making a better decision exists and the next good decision will be to post this.



The one word that keeps us from greatness

He was having a smoke. It was the weekend and he was out. It’s called social smoking nowadays. It helps with blending in also helps in striking a conversation with strangers, (e.g. do you have a light? oh! Zippo, nice. Where’d you get that one from? Or would you like a light? ). I was having a hamburger and it was the weekend and I was entitled to it. I deserve it, don’t I? I eat healthy all week long and I need my weekly treat. But I wake up feeling horrible the next morning. Heavy and sluggish, maybe cause I ordered the triple whopper with cheese and bacon. But it’s my treat and I only eat that once a week so I might as well go all out. That was 2012 though, I’m sure i’d feel the same now if I did so.

The B student keeps getting B’s cause he just can’t bothered to push through and study more. That isn’t his goal in life. But my goal is to be as healthy as I can . What about my treat? You know what they say : ” Everything in moderation”. That right that’s a recipe for disaster. Actually no, wait its not a disaster, its balance. It’s just a recipe for mediocrity. You wont be at your very best, but you’ll be okay. It’s fine if you don’t want to be world class but what if you want to be really good at it? And better than everyone else? Then moderation is what’s keeping you from it.

So finally the World health organization (WHO) has linked the consumption of meat with cancer and various diseases. But the media tells you, “like my grandma used to say everything in moderation”.

I eat 99% plants ( which means fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains and seeds ). I have never felt better, sharper and conscious. But they tell me to have some animal products, you know moderation. Why would I want to eat something that may or may not cause cancer ? Would you tell someone smoke in moderation? Drink in moderation? Sleep in moderation? Watch tv in moderation? . Probably yes. That’s why we’re not at our best. Quit smoking. Quit animal products. Quit late nights. Quit Tv and watch as you flourish and rise above mediocrity. Every time I stay true to myself and stick to committing a 100%, I feel better a 100%, as soon as I fall back to moderation and tell myself, it’s okay, stay up and watch tv, browse longer, I end up feeling not a 100% and that’s not how I want to function in my life.

So, if you want to be average at anything then do it in moderation.

What is balance anyways? Who made the rules? What’s balance for you isn’t balance for me, it all depends on our life goals. I want 100% a 100% of the time, I just have to stick.