What tomorrow brings.

I skipped the institute that day and I knew I was going to get in trouble. I just wanted to be out for christmas. Not that I even celebrate christmas,but that was the excuse I gave myself at the time. It was christmas and I wanted to be out and not in class.We all took our chances and all of our parents were called. No one but my parents took this seriously. I remember going to the institute the next day asking,” so who got whipped?”. They all had a very ordinary day. But I felt better already since I was talking about it the next day.

I once injured my foot during a very hard trail race, went back home limping. The next day it was slightly worse, I had to take some pills for the swelling to decrease faster and I hate medication. A couple of days later I felt better.

I once got in trouble at work for leaving early without an explanation. My boss started calling me at 5:15, and I was already at the movies. I finish work at 5:30. I assumed that like every other day I won’t have anything to do so took off. But that one day where I actually took off….Life. I really wasn’t looking forward for the next day. I had to call him after the movie and make up a stupid lie. He told me that he’ll be giving me a warning letter first thing in the morning. I quit that job the same way. I just took off. It was refreshing.

When I sit myself to recalculate how I have been behaving with myself or others, I always look forward to tomorrow. I have hope for tomorrow. Some tomorrow’s are worse than the others, like the time I was expecting a warning letter. But the day after tomorrow was better. And the time I injured my foot, a few tomorrow’s later and it was all good.

They say live in the present. But I at the present moment am not in the best state of mind, or in my best behavior. I am slacking off life at this present moment. I should be producing, but i’m not. So I always look forward to tomorrow. When in pain and in doubt, I think of the sun coming up tomorrow and how much hope, probability and good could come out of tomorrow. So if you’re having a bad day, stop living in the present please and think of tomorrow. Sometimes the present is filled with pain, uncertainty, and total uncoolness.

If today hasn’t turned out to be your day then live for tomorrow my fellow readers. Live for the sunset, that in itself is a miracle happening in plain sight. Tomorrow always gives me hope.