Was I really lied too..?

In my previous post ” I’ve been lied too..” I stated a few things that I feel were said to me that weren’t absolutely accurate. But today morning as I woke up, I saw a comment on my post that said ” Not lies, but hopes and dreams” . That right there struck a chord and you know I wasn’t lied to per se.

To not sound like it was a plot against me to be lied too or something crazy like that, a little rephrasing is in order. We as a society are hard-wired a certain way, be it culture, religion, tradition etc and I don’t blame anyone in particular for the incorrect information that I’ve been told but I am annoyed.

We are told to do things a certain way because it’ll align with life and it will resonate with how the world is ( or their world ), which isn’t the best place in the planet now ( they’re saying mars is looking brighter now, especially after the discovery of water. I assume we’ll be able to have water fasting retreats in mars real soon ). So, what I do have a bit of an issue with is the updates of mindsets over the years. Times are changing and we HAVE to be changing with it, or else we will  progress as fast.

For those who still think you need to go to university or study a certain field because it’s the trend now, or those think that we either marry from a certain tribe/family members or else we’re bad people or those who think doing things a certain way that they or they’re ancestors did ( like the paleo diet, what is up with that backward diet mentality? )  please re-think you’re options and acknowledge that there are now better alternatives that are more practical, more aligned with the world today and will get us further in life.

And let me make clear that I’m not talking about values that we have to drop to be aligned with the world. The one thing that’s going down hill from here year after year and decade after decade are ethics, values and morals. So that maybe the only one thing that we should stick too and that I believe will always make us shine in any era. Respect is the same as it was in the1920’s, that hasn’t changed . It’s just the way of doing things that have, and that there are better ways of doing them.

We are all told these things in the hope that we’ll be better people and that we’ll shine as our ancestors once did. But the world is moving faster than ever and we  either adapt or perish.

The one thing I’m not taking back is main steam media. Yes, they have a hidden agenda and yes its a very old plot that has been there for ages to get us all thinking a certain way that’ll benefit the rich and powerful while keeping masses just informed enough to go through life as a machine. Beware of the media and what it portrays. Do not buy what they tell us we need, I just need the new iPhone because I have to stay updated and provide you guys with better content faster, right? 🙂

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