Here’s a brief on loving

Love is a new currency.

I’ve never heard the word ” Love” thrown around as much as I have in the last few years.

Sure, love has and always will be an essential part of this world. But now it’s become for sale. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but it’s sad because the world has reached the point where love has to be taught.

One thing I’ve recently come to learn and it’s probably the hardest thing about love and that is learning ” how to love” .

We all want to be loved. We all want to be cared for and we all want to be the centre of attention, but in however way it suits us.

I love in different ways than you do. I’m not crazy about doing the lovey dovy things that you want and you’re probably not crazy about doing the stuff I love.

The secret to loving well?

Love unlike you get loved ( Unless they love precisely the way you do, a very unlikely scenario )

That’s hard work. That’s love.

Good luck.



Why love is not the ultimate answer

John lennon once said ” Love is all you need ”

He also said it a couple of times live. Also, in the 1970’s Todd Rundgren wrote this hopeful song about the power of love for his band Utopia, which released it on their 1977 album. When Rundgren wrote this he was searching for answers that we have and he had concluded that the answer to everything is indeed love.

I also ended up meeting a beautiful human being who believed in the same concept. LOVE. I thought about this for a while, long and hard. Love could be our answer to life’s adversities but the world will not always share that sentiment.

As much I want to believe that love conquers all, as I look around me today, it’s very hard me to fully believe that. I truly believe that a bullet has more power in most places than love.

Love isn’t enough especially in relationships. I once read that love is the perfect gift because it takes seconds to display and lasts a lifetime.

The best gift to someone else is the gift which matches exactly what they need. If one needs answers, love isn’t it. If one needs health, love doesn’t cut it. If one needs time, love takes away even more of it. If one needs freedom, love will make their captivity easier to bear, and freedom farther still. If one needs a future, love will infuse it with such a disillusion that when it arrives the past suddenly appears idyllic. And not everyone can perceive love in several seconds. If only my boss could, things would be amazing at work.

Love also never ended any wars, but love started many. Peace is a concept we misuse a lot. When we assume peace as a mission we are merely building bigger armies and more evil guns. Peace has nothing to do with love. I’m at peace with most people but that does not mean that I love them or have any notion of love towards them.

What I think comes before love is wisdom, empathy, compassion and sympathy. It is easier and far more simpler. Love is pretty hard stuff, it doesn’t mean we don’t have to work on it .

I’ll probably be misread but I’m not against love and I do believe that love is a very strong and important human emotion BUT it isn’t the answer. And the sooner we all know this, the better off we’ll be. Keep working towards more love, as love is a beautiful emotion to experience.

As always, sending you wisdom, compassion and love too.


Hady Elcott


What is true love

I have a class that were a “no show” which means that I get paid for them not showing up.  That’s also one of the definitions of awesome!!

I have around half an hour to spare and I don’t know If I’ll be able to finish this before then but I sure hope that I do.

I have been thinking about my daughter for the last few days. I actually think about her all the time but I’ve been thinking about how I feel. And why I feel this way.

I figured its true love. Its got to be. I can’t define it in a sentence but I can try and describe it in a few lines.

True love is seeing the person you love as the most beautiful person in the world no matter what’s coming out of their noses or any hole to that regard. You know babies!! They’re like a car in summer when the ac is always turned on .

tru love 1


True love is when they start to mimic your good habits. I really think that’s true love. Me and my baby practically mimic each other. I have no idea who’s the one pretending like who. But we eat the same way. We’re both fast runners. We both drink coconut water and we’re both babies in our own way.

tru love 2


True love is wanting to be held all the time. And I mean all the time.

True love is fear. Fear of a lot of things. Fear of possibly losing, disappointing, corrupting, destroying your loved one. That’s also part of the package but its a small price to pay for what you get.

fear love

True love is when asked about or even the mere thought of the person you truly love is brought up, you light like a christmas tree on the 7th of January. I have heart palpitations, smirks and a whole lot of weird stuff happening to me right now as I type this.


This applies to all relationships and not just kids. I feel the same way about a lot of people but I wanted to write about my baby because she’s one of my favorite people in the world. One of. At times she could use a little strangle, not the abusive type though. That’s part of true love. Strangulation followed by embracing.

My time is now done.