I have never celebrated Valentine’s day

I remember being 14. I had a massive crush on this older girl. I was always into older girls. I never really was interested in girls my age or younger.

Anyways, I had a pen that had a heart tip on it and every time you wrote, it lit up. It was pretty cool. I gave that pen to her on Valentines. That’s as far as my Valentine’s has ever gone. And that time I just wanted to score with that girl really. Deep down I didn’t care for it. I was already self aware about it’s propaganda techniques.

I’ve always managed to successfully convince whoever I was in ” love ” with about the evils of Valentines and it’s been a success so far.

It’s a difficult time for many people. Singles and couples alike. Singles are being shoved the idea of relationship, togetherness and lovey dovey in their faces while couples are pressured into doing something special, and it better be more special than your wife’s/girlfriend’s friend’s celebration. It’s a pretty brutal day. And corporations and all kinds of establishments are making a KILLING out of that one day.

Please take sometime to consider what Valentine is and has become. A vain celebration of ” love” . They even now hit singles with offers such as ” love yourself ” ┬áslogans. Come celebrate valentine with your single friends bla bla bla. What a f****** joke.

If I did offend who’s celebrating Valentines today, I really hope you’ve read this with an open mind and heart. It’s Valentine’s. Show me the love.