Wine and swine ( why I should be mocked )

I walk into the hall and they sit in pairs while I take a seat next to the sofa right next to the window. No one dares to choose a seat, they just take the first seat that meets their knees. Yes, the seats reach their knees. As I glance outside, I see no scenery. Just mud and dirt. I hear whispers all around me. They’re probably discussing why I walked in with 20 bananas. Wouldn’t you be thinking the same thing?

A smoker walks in and tells me how those bananas can kill me and then proceeds to the dining table to have a bacon and cheese sandwich. Good for the heart. Good stuff. I then start recording my surroundings and explain what I’m seeing here is an example of mass hypnosis. Some laugh and some were furious with me. A person told me that if I didn’t delete that video he’d never talk to me again. I then post it on Youtube and he’s quiet about it. We still talk. He just says I should have asked him first. I tell him that I’m trying to do others a favor and create awareness about the condition he is suffering from. “That’s not nice” he says. Did I just say that out loud? I didn’t mean for it to come out like that. Alright fine mock me.

I go to see my friend. He tells me that he’s throwing a party. I say “cool”. But I can’t come. His wife insists she serves flesh and wine. I can’t be around that? “What kind of flesh are we talking about,” I ask? Swine. Okay, that’s okay. And what kind of wine? Alcoholic. I can’t make it. It’s a matter of principle. Then why do you hang around us then? It doesn’t mean that I have to let go of all my values cause I hang with you people. I’ve already given up a fair portion of values being your friends. I think I said that out loud. That wasn’t very nice.  I just don’t do wine and swine.

I later walk into the kitchen and make a nice concoction of fresh produce with some super seeds. I try to feed the baby hanging at the side of the kitchen and the parents run to stop me. They tell me their kids don’t eat that stuff. The child looks confusingly at the parents, so he scares away from the fresh blend I’ve made. The baby then puts up a face and it’s one of those faces that you know tears may come next. So they hurry up, grab a small carton of chocolate milk, pop it and give it to the baby. The baby is fine now. For dinner I made a spinach artichoke olive avocado salad. The baby then walks towards me and gives the salad a curious look and has never seen anything like this before. I take the fork and poke a few leaves of spinach, but make sure it grabs an avocado slice and an olive on the way down. Then slightly dip it on my homemade raw honey mustard dressing with mango. Heading towards the baby’s mouth in slow motion pretending its an alien’s aircraft landing into space for the first time, it is then shoved away by the parents telling me I’m no longer to ever feed the baby again. They then fry up some sausages and feed it to him. I take off.

I decide to go home and cry it out. But my spirit wont let me. It tells I have comprehended far too much for me to be put in tears. So instead it tells me to ask for more. I go out the next day, and look at the world around me. Their spirits are tinier than mine. Shocker. I am beginning to see through. I see spirits. I then remember the scene in the sixth sense where the boy tells Bruce willis ” I see dead people”

dead people

I see spirits. And mine tells me that the same way little kids cannot simply comprehend what adults are going through on a day-to-day basis that the little spirits cannot simply comprehend the transformation that it has made inside me. I look around and I humbly fall on my knees, knowing I have to be gentle. And I have to be mocked, hated and misunderstood If I want to try and grow other spirits.

Stay strong it tells me.