The worst times to do the stuff you love.

Here’s a bad idea. Do what you need to do when you’re least into it.


You have work in the morning, you hate it, I know. Congratulations. But you need to do a good job. You know, it’s your job to do so. You get paid a salary, you want your boss to like you,  you want to be a somewhat likeable colleague etc.

If you have to do something well, anything. You gotta do it in the right state of mind and body. You have work to do in the morning and you want to attempt to love it, please do everyone around you a favour first and go to bed at an appropriate time. So that you can actually attempt to give a damn about serving.

If you can’t have the energy to get out of bed, get dressed and drive to work. How in God’s green earth will you ever do a good job?

And that applies to everything. The dreamers that want be great at so and so. How?
In what state of mind?

Here’s an example of my own. I usually write these posts at the very end of my day. Which means I’m running on acid basically. Just putting myself together to just ” write ”

I don’t want to just ”  write ” . I wanna perform man!
I want to be able to wow myself, forget you . It starts with ourselves. Then others. But if I feel “meh” about my own content, how will anyone ever take me seriously?

How will my kids feel when I also see them when I’m at my lowest. My students feel when I teach with a monotone. My wife feels when I come back home dead with no energy and don’t even want to start a conversation.

To do things well, you need to be well. You need to do things you don’t necessarily enjoy at the moment but it’ll pay off. Micro things for macro results.

This is a big note to self.

It’s the little things. Or else the big things don’t even exists.