Blocking writer’s block

I’ve read so many points and posts about writer’s block.

Most of the points are good, and some are just there for the sake of writing something. Such as ” call an old friend ” . I don’t even know if that’s a valid point. If anything that’d block out even more stuff. But regardless every writer has their own method and whatever works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me.

But here’s one way to block write’s block forever. Sit down and write.

As simple and confusing as it sounds, it’s the raw truth. Sit your haunches down and start writing. Whether on paper, computer or typewriter because you’re cool like that. Just write.

It doesn’t have to flow. It doesn’t have to be shakespeare. It has to be words on paper. On a screen. Just words.

You start writing whatever comes to mind and don’t stop until you’ve written something worth sharing. And discard the rest. If it’s all not worth sharing then title it ” Not worth sharing “

How to beat writers block or one way to beat it

I stare at the laptop and see & feel nothing. I’ve written about this before. But this time I beat it in a faster and more practical way.

What is writers block? It’s when a writer is blocked out of ideas and has nothing to write. This is true for many artists in any field. Sometimes you just don’t have those creative juices flowing within you. But you need to create.


I hold the pen in such a weird way. Always have

Here’s 3 steps to get out of it now.

  1. Pick up your magic wand: All artists have magic wands that create a little something called “art” . Pick it up now. And start waving that wand around.
  2. Wave it around: Wave, wave, wave and wave some more until you see tiny particles of magic dust come out of it.
  3. Patience: Yes, patience is a step. You have to submit all of your creativity to the unknown. This step should have probably been number 2 but you get the point. Wave your wand with fierceness and patience. Keep waving and do not lose hope and faith in the magic of your beautiful brain, creativity and vivid imagination.

These 3 steps have almost always help me get out of a creative block. I hope this helps you create more magic. The world needs as much of your magic as it can receive. That’s what you were meant to be doing.

Now go unblock yourself Mr/Ms/Mrs A.