A guide to happiness ( A practical one )

I’m unhappy about many things in my life. We all are. News flash

I have recently found a pretty cool way of dealing with my unhappiness. Keep reading.

Happiness is not a one sided thing or emotion. Happiness and I mean true happiness in my opinion comes in a package of 4.

  1. Physical happiness
  2. Mental happiness
  3. Spiritual happiness
  4. Emotional happiness

Yes, mental and emotional are different. Emotional happiness happens to deal with your part of your brain which are relationships, whilst mental happiness deals with creativity.

  • Physical happiness : comes with moving your body I’ve talked about this countless of times. Do some physical exercise where you maybe sweat a little. Just a little. Or do some stretching/yoga. Eat better and sleep better too.
  • Emotional happiness: Slowly but surely start eliminating any toxicity. Cut off the bad guys and spend more time with the good guys
  • Spiritual happiness: When something super small happens, bow down and be grateful. Celebrate small successes in a way that are huge. Get more in touch with God.
  • Mental happiness: Start doing something everyday that sparks that little creative muscle in your brain. Take a picture everyday ( I don’t mean a selfie ), read a little bit everyday, write your ideas down on paper everyday.

When I work on those part of happiness separately, I’m an overall happier person. I never look at happy as  big picture, because there is no happy big picture. If you think there is, then you’ve been scammed man. Probably by hallmark. Or those bloody quotes everyones posting.

When someone asks you are you happy?

Ask in what part of my life?

Don’t fall for the scam that is ” Just happiness” . Do one small thing everyday and you’ll be alright. We’ll be alright. Not a 100% happy ( cause there’s no such thing ) but 80% is more than fine. More than most people.

maria happy


Top 10 movies on my Netflix list

I have so many movies on my list and I just can’t keep up with it.

But let me share you my top 10 on my list. Bear in mind these aren’t my top 10 favourite but merely my top 10 on my saved list. Here we go

  1. It’s kind of a funny story
  2. The big short
  3. The Meyerowitz stories ( New and selected )
  4. Vertigo
  5. Inception
  6. Guilty by suspicion
  7. Watchmen
  8. An african Doctor
  9. Full metal Jacket
  10. Bright

There are so many more, but I think that this is  good start and for you movie junkies, you ought to enjoy these. They’re a variety of Genres and it’s in no particular order.

Figured I’d share something as intimate as movies.


How to make it through an all nighter with a bang

Yesterday I’ve been up for over 24 hours. I even typed half of this post ( which I can’t find anymore ) .

I know I preach a lot of early sleeping, well being etc etc. But because life isn’t this wave of rainbow that we get to predict, we always need to be ready with plan B. No matter what.

So this post will hopefully prepare you for a great day following an all nighter, and/or sleep under 3 hours. *I do not recommend anyone try anything stupid like that though

Now I’m one of those that wake up over the slightest noise, movement or whatnot. And that’s a terrible thing to have unless you have assassins after you, you are pretty much cursed. The other night, the wind woke me up. The wind. Yes, then I stayed up till 7:00 am till my son woke up and that was that.

But I had a great and productive till about 8:45 pm. Here’s how you can too. * oh, also this only works for one nighters that are rare. For those who actually do sleep that little and have frequent one nighters I really don’t know  if this would work

  1. Exercise: as counter intuitive as that sounds, please trust me it works. You get energy from moving. You have better blood circulation and it works all around. I’m not gonna geek this point out but just do it.
  2. Hydrate: That must have probably been number 1, but who cares you’re  basically hungover, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be extremely dehydrated so please drink enough and drink frequently.
  3. Stay as active as you possibly can: Do a lot. Schedule mini meetings, and be outdoors with some sun
  4. Caffeine up : Do some legal drugs in the afternoon, not in the morning. Way too soon. You gotta pace those antioxidants they call drugs. * I didn’t do any coffee yesterday but I would if I felt like I needed it.
  5. Eat frequent but in small portions: do not and I repeat do not eat a big and heavy meal, or else you’re done. I warned you, you’re done. You should be eating very little portions and mostly healthy plant foods to give you the energy you need just to make it through the day. This isn’t the day you get to pig out on Mommy’s supposedly healthy meal.
  6. Nap: If you can squeeze in a mini nap. Do it, life changer.

Over and out.

The worst times to do the stuff you love.

Here’s a bad idea. Do what you need to do when you’re least into it.


You have work in the morning, you hate it, I know. Congratulations. But you need to do a good job. You know, it’s your job to do so. You get paid a salary, you want your boss to like you,  you want to be a somewhat likeable colleague etc.

If you have to do something well, anything. You gotta do it in the right state of mind and body. You have work to do in the morning and you want to attempt to love it, please do everyone around you a favour first and go to bed at an appropriate time. So that you can actually attempt to give a damn about serving.

If you can’t have the energy to get out of bed, get dressed and drive to work. How in God’s green earth will you ever do a good job?

And that applies to everything. The dreamers that want be great at so and so. How?
In what state of mind?

Here’s an example of my own. I usually write these posts at the very end of my day. Which means I’m running on acid basically. Just putting myself together to just ” write ”

I don’t want to just ”  write ” . I wanna perform man!
I want to be able to wow myself, forget you . It starts with ourselves. Then others. But if I feel “meh” about my own content, how will anyone ever take me seriously?

How will my kids feel when I also see them when I’m at my lowest. My students feel when I teach with a monotone. My wife feels when I come back home dead with no energy and don’t even want to start a conversation.

To do things well, you need to be well. You need to do things you don’t necessarily enjoy at the moment but it’ll pay off. Micro things for macro results.

This is a big note to self.

It’s the little things. Or else the big things don’t even exists.

Delete and re-do

My work got deleted. It’s not really important work but its work.

I worked on it for around an hour and the whole thing got deleted.

What were my choices?

Be a slacker and not do or breathe in calmly, put it together and pretend nothing ever happened and type away.

I honestly thought it would automatically save, so lesson learnt there.

Always save as you go. Save as you go. Save as you go

It’s done. I’m finished

Today it ends.

My 30 day streak. I’ve been posting daily videos on Youtube since January 1st.

I think this is possibly the first time I have successfully completed a streak. It was no walk in the park. But it was done.

I’m kinda proud of myself, and I’m usually very careful about things I should be proud of. Like my race, country, nationality, status etc.

But this I can say I did it. I actually put in the work and made it happen.

The writing streak is still going on. I don’t see any plans of this stopping. Nor should it. I don’t have to color grade it, find/buy music for it, edit, post, write a title and write some info in the description box.

I just write and do a quick edit and it’s live. What a magical time we live in.

With a click of a button, my post is available to millions of people around the globe.

I don’t think we understand the depth of this. But why should we, since there’s so much content out there that this is basically getting buried deep.

Here’s a quick self test. If you really wanna know if you love something, do a 30 day streak. Not only does it test your passion but also tests your discipline, work ethic and your willingness to do what’s necessary.

Goodnight, good morning and goodbye for now.

Here’s today’s final video 


Would you rather die!?

I’d rather die is a common phrase that’s thrown around loosely.

Would you really rather die?

Death is one of my favourite topics. I could go on and on about it. Most people don’t want to die, even good people who believe in heaven have a hard time giving up to death.

Now, let’s pretend you were given a choice. Death or your alternative. The alternative being ” I’d rather die than…. ”

I really want to know what would make you take your life ( or have life taken from you if that brings you comfort ). Would being with a certain somebody, eating a certain food or being put in a certain situation.

Take a second and think about actual death. No more world. No more life. No more you.

Heck if you take your life some may even consider you a hero or some brave warrior.

Now after you’ve taken a few minutes to think about your departing, would you still do what you preferred death do.

I think with a bloody smirk on too.


5 things to do now | Part 1

I titled this part 1 because I may have other ideas later on.

But here’s 5 things you should do right now!!!!

  1. Write. When was the last time you wrote. Stop reading this bulls*** blog and go write something down. Type it for goodness sake I don’t care.
  2. Pray. For those who don’t, take one second and look around the life you don’t deserve. Just say ” thank you God “. Just do it. Say it. Don’t be all high and mighty. Eat, pray, love remember? 
  3. Eat a fruit. Just make sure it’s ripe or else suffer mouth sores and other weird stuff that may happen to you while you blame GMO’s and how your body doesn’t digest fruit too well. Ha
  4. Do jumping jacks. DO twenty! Or more if you can
  5. Put your phone down and do nothing. Silence. reflect. Think. Enough consuming for 6 seconds.

Thank you


The disaster, that is choice

Choice choice choice

So many choices, so many options, so many varieties, so many variations, so many opportunities, so many people, so many….

What a life of abundance.

If there’s anything that has ruined mine and many more peoples lives is the notion of choice. Anyone who’s lost in some kind of mid life crisis is due to all of the choices surrounding them.

I’m beginning to loathe too much choice. At restaurants, movies, book, it’s an epidemic.

To be continued….

Don’t complicate it

If I don’t write today here it means that I didn’t commit.

Here’s what I do then I write. I usually complicate things in my own head. It’s a complicated world you see.

Black, whites and shades of grey everywhere.

Not too colorful but pretty enough to survive. There’s no survival guide though.

You just make one along as you go.

Just keep writing it until you’re being buried.

So , to I complicate things I decided to just write .

No strings attached. No expectations. Just write.

And write I did