10 reasons why everyone should be writing

It was a foreign idea. Write things down.

The only time I was ever required to write was when I had to fill in a form, or write something down on the board. I never really wrote for “me”.

But then I did and the quality of my brain has improved as a result. It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be a novel and it doesn’t have to be complex.

It could be as easy as writing down feelings, happy thoughts, bad thoughts , and your to- do list of the day.

It transformed how I think, I now think in a more linear way, I can sort out my thoughts in a more organised way and I can also write a little more confidently. Here’s why I think everyone should be doing

  1. Make brain work We have a lot a going on inside that little brain of ours, putting it on paper make us more articulate and thought-provoking. Put your thoughts and feelings on paper and see how much more you’ll understand that beautiful machine labelled ” My brain “person holding string lights photo
  2. Sharpness: When you put out to do things on paper, you get to put noise into ” real words ” and that’s powerful. You get to be more expressive and concise about how you feel. How many people can you think of, that have a hard time expressing themselves? ūüôāgreen cactus wallpaper
  3. The people’s person: When people see how well you can express yourselves, you will then be approached by those who have trouble doing it. You can help out loved ones and friends too. Heck, you could eventually make a buck or two out of this! ¬†*Think life coach*abraham lincolcn statue
  4. Do it for long enough and you become a bloody killing machine. But better. You become an idea machine. The more you write, the more you can have ideas and the more you can get yourself ( and others ) out of ruts. Becoming an idea machine and write down your ideas everyday. I like to write down 10, 5-7 days a week. abstract blackboard bulb chalkIt ain’t easy
  5. Be free of constipation.person cleaning flush toilet

    I still do have word constipation from time to time. Being a stutterer, it’s hard enough having vocal constipation, so I really have to go the extra mile here. So imagine what you beautiful creatures could say, do and achieve.

  6. When you write better, you read better and vice versa. You get to enjoy books more and start looking for little ways in how you can be better at it. So much fun
  7. Anger management done right. When I put my feelings down on paper, I leave it there and come back to it. I start assessing why I felt that way, what I wrote and how to rise above. You’d never be able to achieve that by just thinking, because feelings and emotions, come and go. It’s hard to retain anything clearly when so much is going on in there. You get to be your own therapist. How cool?!man person face portrait
  8. This one’s a bonus but you actually improve your vocabulary, spellings and fluency. ¬†BOOM. As I write things down now and I find myself using terms that I’d never actually say but once I write them over and over, I start to use them in my everyday vocabulary.
  9. Discipline. Anything that you do overtime becomes a habit and that discipline is called FREEDOM. You want freedom? Be discipline. Free your mind and write.
  10. Gratitude is what makes a happy life, I’ve come to learn that gratitude is above all and showing that even to myself is writing down a few things I feel grateful for. If I ever feel like shit’s gonna hit the fan, I note down beautiful traits I have in my life. I then take deep breaths, look at what I wrote, envision my life with it and how special, lucky and blessed I am to have what I have¬†IMG_0556

I hope this makes you pick out a pen, or pencil, or keyboard and write something.

pen writing notes studying

What’s your state of flow like?

Ramadan is over. But then I got sick.

Probably from exhaustion, but now that I’m recovering. There’s nothing to stop me. I mean sure there are. There’s the internet, social media, food, kids, tv, books, games, life, work, family, cookies, ice cream. These are all the things that just hit my mind in no ¬†particular order.

I have given into resistance ¬†and stopped for just under a month. I stopped writing, but didn’t stop creating. I now can get back to doing to what I do. That is to write.

I don’t cater to a specific niche. I don’t cater to a specific theme and I don’t cater to a specific demographic. What I definitely do cater to is creativity, discipline and a state of flowing.

I don’t know if this makes sense to you, but it should. Stop and take a look at your life. Is there a flow? Is there creativity ? Is there discipline?

If you answer ” NO ” to any of these. Then I suggest you take a minute to yourself ( If your ADHD allows ) and try create a flow within your life, a direction if you may. Where are you heading? Where do you want to head? What are you waiting for?

Don’t be the runner that doesn’t run, the painter that doesn’t paint, the entrepreneur that doesn’t do business.

What’s your flow?


The worst times to do the stuff you love.

Here’s a bad idea. Do what you need to do when you’re least into it.


You have work in the morning, you hate it, I know. Congratulations. But you need to do a good job. You know, it’s your job to do so. You get paid a salary, you want your boss to like you, ¬†you want to be a somewhat likeable colleague etc.

If you have to do something well, anything. You gotta do it in the right state of mind and body. You have work to do in the morning and you want to attempt to love it, please do everyone around you a favour first and go to bed at an appropriate time. So that you can actually attempt to give a damn about serving.

If you can’t have the energy to get out of bed, get dressed and drive to work. How in God’s green earth will you ever do a good job?

And that applies to everything. The dreamers that want be great at so and so. How?
In what state of mind?

Here’s an example of my own. I usually write these posts at the very end of my day. Which means I’m running on acid basically. Just putting myself together to just ” write ”

I don’t want to just ” ¬†write ” . I wanna perform man!
I want to be able to wow myself, forget you . It starts with ourselves. Then others. But if I feel “meh” about my own content, how will anyone ever take me seriously?

How will my kids feel when I also see them when I’m at my lowest. My students feel when I teach with a monotone. My wife feels when I come back home dead with no energy and don’t even want to start a conversation.

To do things well, you need to be well. You need to do things you don’t necessarily enjoy at the moment but it’ll pay off. Micro things for macro results.

This is a big note to self.

It’s the little things. Or else the big things don’t even exists.

Just one time

Just this one time. And that’s all. But promise me to never do it again.

I got up and listened to my own self. I later then met two wise men. One told me to listen to my heart and do what I need to do. He said that we are meant to do what we want and what makes us happy. Lets call this guy Lee

The other man told me that our “self” is a very dangerous soul and we should be very careful with it. We should not give into anything it wants. And we should not self indulge into whatever it tells us too. Lets call this guy Bob.

I was confused but I really liked what the wise man said about giving in to what I want or maybe even need. Made the most sense. At least when you just want to do what you want to do.  Lee then told me that  of course there is what is illegal and that I cannot do. Like robing a bank. I cannot do that. But apart from that, just listen to you heart and do as you desire.

Bob told me that desire can be dangerous and that I may end up in a real rut if I’m not cautious with that I do. Also told me that life is about discipline and not desire. We did not make it to where we are by giving in to each and every desire. All the greats have amazing discipline that differs them from the rest.

Lee told me I must experience life in its fullest and do what makes me happy. He used the cliche ” You’ll never know if you never try”. Happiness was a step away. All I had to was approach it and then I’d be very happy.

Bob warned me and said, here’s what’s going to happen. I stopped him right there and told him “Bob, stop spreading your negativity. I don’t want to be a part of it”.

Lee then took my hand and told me to go ahead. And I did. I didn’t feel one bit guilty, cause I was doing what I was meant to do. I was then hooked. I couldn’t let go. And when I did let go, I would suffer in a lot of painful ways till I gave in again. Thank God that it was triathlon that I got hooked too. Imagine if it was something else!! I then looked at Lee’s life and took a took good like at what he had to offer people around him and not just me. He hung with a bad crowd. Was always secretive and you could not really tell what he was up too. He seemed very shiny and wise though. But as I looked closer, he wasn’t happy and preyed on people like me. He simply got his fun out of that.

Lee was very open about everything he’d do. He was shiny in a way where people would immediately feel comfortable towards him. Lee told me that giving into desire can either be the best thing you do for yourself or the worse. He said that everyday we give into alcohol, entertainment, drugs, pornography etc and the outcome is usually bad. All it takes is one time. Just one little time to try ¬†it. Just to say that I’ve done it. We usually think that it leads to happiness. But that is not happiness and that is not a calling. That is an empty soul telling us it needs saving and a moral compass that can lead it. All it takes is one try.

I asked what was that he wanted to tell me when I stopped him. He looked at me and said, “The one thing ¬†that you try once. That desire¬†deep down inside you know is going to cost you ( just like how expensive triathlon is ) either turns out to be an addiction that will lead to your destruction ( destruction of you health, wealth, happiness, family and friends) or it will be a nasty recreational habit that you can’t get rid of. Do not try it just once. Don’t ever try it and feed your soul the goodness it’s looking for”

I’ve written about Bob one other time too.¬†