I want to do more of this

It’s February and I don’t want to force anything but I really want to write over here more.

For various reasons.

One being that I feel like I can bring something a little different to the table. Like maybe I can make a difference, I don’t know.

Last month was pretty long or has at least felt long to me. It’s been like 31 years.

Imagine what eternity feels like? Scary thought.

But now that we are passed 2018, I can look forward to the month I was born in.

I quit my full time job in November to pursue my passion at the moment. The reason I say passion at the moment is because before this I thought my passion was teaching, and it was for a really long time. 10 years, that’s a decade. A tree grows in a decade, man. Some kind of tree, I looked it up.

But that passion has swayed away, and I’m now a filmmaker man!
Wow, even typing that feels incredible. So what does than entail?

Well, I create films. I make make commercials, photoshoots and even video logs. I try my best to incorporate cinema into everything I do. I really do. I also occasionally write scripts and direct them too.

I believe I do things a little differently. I don’t do a lot of fancy shmancy slow motion stuff. Sure I do it from time to time but I like to focus on story. Story is everything I’ve got. Story is everything I make it about. Everything else helps enhance the story. But what’s the story about?


We are a beautiful story, we are all cinema and cinema is us. We get to choose our genre, name it and make it beautiful with colors and what not Black and white are also beautiful colors. I think without black, other colors would not exist, but that’s debatable.

I’m also a photographer!
I think and truly believe that anyone who does video work should do photo work. When you combine the two together, boy does the world make a lot more sense.

10 reasons why everyone should be writing

It was a foreign idea. Write things down.

The only time I was ever required to write was when I had to fill in a form, or write something down on the board. I never really wrote for “me”.

But then I did and the quality of my brain has improved as a result. It doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be a novel and it doesn’t have to be complex.

It could be as easy as writing down feelings, happy thoughts, bad thoughts , and your to- do list of the day.

It transformed how I think, I now think in a more linear way, I can sort out my thoughts in a more organised way and I can also write a little more confidently. Here’s why I think everyone should be doing

  1. Make brain work We have a lot a going on inside that little brain of ours, putting it on paper make us more articulate and thought-provoking. Put your thoughts and feelings on paper and see how much more you’ll understand that beautiful machine labelled ” My brain “person holding string lights photo
  2. Sharpness: When you put out to do things on paper, you get to put noise into ” real words ” and that’s powerful. You get to be more expressive and concise about how you feel. How many people can you think of, that have a hard time expressing themselves? ūüôāgreen cactus wallpaper
  3. The people’s person: When people see how well you can express yourselves, you will then be approached by those who have trouble doing it. You can help out loved ones and friends too. Heck, you could eventually make a buck or two out of this! ¬†*Think life coach*abraham lincolcn statue
  4. Do it for long enough and you become a bloody killing machine. But better. You become an idea machine. The more you write, the more you can have ideas and the more you can get yourself ( and others ) out of ruts. Becoming an idea machine and write down your ideas everyday. I like to write down 10, 5-7 days a week. abstract blackboard bulb chalkIt ain’t easy
  5. Be free of constipation.person cleaning flush toilet

    I still do have word constipation from time to time. Being a stutterer, it’s hard enough having vocal constipation, so I really have to go the extra mile here. So imagine what you beautiful creatures could say, do and achieve.

  6. When you write better, you read better and vice versa. You get to enjoy books more and start looking for little ways in how you can be better at it. So much fun
  7. Anger management done right. When I put my feelings down on paper, I leave it there and come back to it. I start assessing why I felt that way, what I wrote and how to rise above. You’d never be able to achieve that by just thinking, because feelings and emotions, come and go. It’s hard to retain anything clearly when so much is going on in there. You get to be your own therapist. How cool?!man person face portrait
  8. This one’s a bonus but you actually improve your vocabulary, spellings and fluency. ¬†BOOM. As I write things down now and I find myself using terms that I’d never actually say but once I write them over and over, I start to use them in my everyday vocabulary.
  9. Discipline. Anything that you do overtime becomes a habit and that discipline is called FREEDOM. You want freedom? Be discipline. Free your mind and write.
  10. Gratitude is what makes a happy life, I’ve come to learn that gratitude is above all and showing that even to myself is writing down a few things I feel grateful for. If I ever feel like shit’s gonna hit the fan, I note down beautiful traits I have in my life. I then take deep breaths, look at what I wrote, envision my life with it and how special, lucky and blessed I am to have what I have¬†IMG_0556

I hope this makes you pick out a pen, or pencil, or keyboard and write something.

pen writing notes studying

Blocking writer’s block

I’ve read so many points and posts about writer’s block.

Most of the points are good, and some are just there for the sake of writing something. Such as ” call an old friend ” . I don’t even know if that’s a valid point. If anything that’d block out even more stuff. But regardless every writer has their own method and whatever works for you doesn’t necessarily work for me.

But here’s one way to block write’s block forever. Sit down and write.

As simple and confusing as it sounds, it’s the raw truth. Sit your haunches down and start writing. Whether on paper, computer or typewriter because you’re cool like that. Just write.

It doesn’t have to flow. It doesn’t have to be shakespeare. It has to be words on paper. On a screen. Just words.

You start writing whatever comes to mind and don’t stop until you’ve written something worth sharing. And discard the rest. If it’s all not worth sharing then title it ” Not worth sharing “

101 reasons you should be blogging too

This being my 101st blog I wanted to write something special. I think by now I have a little bit of experience in the blogging world. All day today and yesterday I’ve been squeezing my brain over the precise points. But here goes.

  1. It’s cool¬†
  2. You get to have a website to refer people too
  3. It’s free ( or very very affordable if you’ll want¬†to buy an URL)¬†
  4. You get to write. 
  5. You get to be better at writing.
  6. You get to express and be creative.
  7. you’re imagination expands.
  8. You become better at titles.
  9. You get to brag ( a little ).
  10. You get to connect with amazing like minded people.  
  11. You get hated at ( and learn to accept being hated at at times ).
  12. You get great messages and comments from people around the world.
  13. you get introduced by other people ( through blogs) and that’s just awesome.
  14. You can make an income out of it ( But I don’t make a dime out of it, I do cause I love it)
  15. You can do from anywhere in the world
  16. There are no rules to blogging .
  17. You can  grow through your blog.
  18. You get to put your name out there.
  19. You get to market your business .
  20. you can market your Youtube channel. Here’s mine¬†
  21. You can market your second Youtube channel ( In my case). Here’s my other one
  22. You can become an author someday 
  23. You make your parents proud 
  24. OR make them hate you ( a little maybe. Depending on the content)
  25. You get to write about your passion
  26. You don’t depend on your friend, family or country to read it. The world is your oyster.
  27. You can get things off your chest. In code ūüėČ ( Like shakespeare)¬†
  28. You can move people 
  29. You can spread awareness about something that matters.
  30. You can make people happy
  31. You can make people angry
  32. You can make people cry ( tears of joy/sadness/shame)
  33. You can make people laugh
  34. You could make people like  you 
  35. You could make people hate you 
  36. You could make people enjoy your company ( through the blog )
  37. You could connect with someone from the other side of your world and end up being best friends
  38. You could make this your full time job if you wanted to 
  39. More people will follow you on social media
  40. You can find fame
  41. You learn more as you research more stuff to write about 
  42. You can reinvent yourself 
  43. You can talk about whatever you like. And theres no to stop you from doing it. You have the keys to your blogging gate.
  44. You can meet amazing new people 
  45. you can meet your heroes 
  46. You get to learn taking better pictures for your blog ( if you’re into that stuff)
  47. You learn to be more articulate 
  48. You learn to create a website
  49. You can get your message out there
  50. You can post whatever you want, unedited, uncut and uncensored.
  51. You can blog wearing your underwear only if you want.
  52. You can blog in your sportswear 
  53. you can build a community 
  54. Your confidence will build as you build better content 
  55. You can inspire 
  56. Your mind will expand
  57. You will learn to be more open to what others have to say because you discover that you can say pure nonsense sometimes.
  58. Your tolerance to trolls increases.
  59. Your tolerance to spam increases.
  60. Your tolerance to stupid increases.
  61. Your tolerance to hearing the other side increases. 
  62. You can write enough content to write a book
  63. You’ll get A LOT more email.
  64. Blogging is cheaper than therapy 
  65. You’ll begin to discover who you really are
  66. You’ll like yourself just because you’ll realise that you’re offering the world great insight¬†
  67. You’ll get nice emails
  68. You’ll look forward to emails again¬†
  69. You’ll learn¬†what makes a good blog
  70. You’ll learn what makes a poor blog
  71. You’ll learn to care less of what people think¬†
  72. You’ll learn to think outside the box
  73. You’ll learn to challenge yourself.
  74. You’ll learn to be more disciplined.
  75. You can end up helping somebody
  76. You can end up saving somebody
  77. You can end up loving somebody
  78. You can end up hating somebody
  79. Y0u’ll know what people really think of you sometimes¬†
  80. You’ll know who your supporters are
  81. You’ll know who your haters are.
  82. You’ll know who just doesn’t care.
  83. New opportunities will arise 
  84. You can showcase your accomplishments
  85. You get to spread a message for free to the world 
  86. You can start having people holding you accountable for a challenge you’d like to do¬†
  87. You can be sponsored to do something you love
  88. You can tragedy into comedy ( like death for examples, which happen to be one of my favourite topics)
  89. You can turn comedy into tragedy ( You don’t want to be that person though)
  90. You can speak your mind 
  91. Blogging is perfect for introverts 
  92. Blogging is perfect for people who are stage shy
  93. Blogging is perfect for people who stutter 
  94. Blogging is perfect for extroverts ( if they feel the need to say even more)
  95. You can share topics that are dear to your heart.
  96. You can share topics that make you completely cringe.
  97. You can learn to make lists this long
  98. People will call you for advice 
  99. People will thank you at times
  100. You can indirectly send out a message about a taboo subject that is normally not talked about in certain societies 
  101. You may just get rich by doing what you love.

There you have it folks. 101 points on why you should be blogging, or at least typing on a screen on a notepad to get you started on a great journey.

Thank you all. You made this blog special. Now do yourselves a favour and shine.

what I do when I can’t produce well

There comes days when I don’t have it in me to write. It’s either to late and I’m not in the right state of mind to post anything with good structure, or I didn’t prepare anything mentally because its been such a fast paced day.

I still want to write though, but it will not be as good as my other structured posts. Funny enough its the unstructured ones that get the most views. Most of the times at least. So here’s what I do when I can’t think of anything good to write.

  1. I read blogs. Reading is what helps me become a better writer, so when I’m all dry. I start reading content that interest me or bloggers who I enjoy reading. My current top 2 bloggers are James Altucher’s ¬†blog and Mark manson’s as well. Those 2 are my go to when I’m just out of it.
  2. I read books. I pick up a book and just read through it. It must be a book I enjoy or else I’ll never read it. I like delving into other books and read into the writing style and get some new insight.
  3. Watch a movie/tv series. At times I’ll watch something of interest. I’m a sucker for good quality movies and tv shows. So when I can’t produce any content I go look at content and just immerse into that until the next best thing pops into my head.
  4. Talk to people. I’m lucky to have interesting people to talk to. That in itself is a very rare thing these days. I’m lucky I live with an intellectual human being and work with people that can simply mind boggle me. I love it.
  5. Sleep. When I’m all dry and have the attention spam of a fish, it’s maybe time to hit the sack and restore some more brain cells. I used to sleep 5-6 hours a day. Now I say 8-10 ¬†to be on your sharpest. You can absolutely feel the difference. Whoever tells you 5 hours is enough, please slowly back away from them, turn around, walk and don’t look back. Or look at what they have accomplished in life (usually tells you a lot) and are they living to their full potential.

When you find something you love. Surround yourself with it. Even If I can’t write, I look for ways to be better at it without actually writing. If you enjoy building legos then read books on that or watch videos of people playing with legos. If you’re into cooking, then surround yourself with chefs, people who enjoy cooking and watch some good cooking shows.

Surround yourself with what you’re passionate about and it will take care of itself, even when you’re not passionate about doing it everyday.

I’m now feeling the number 5 symptom.


I wanna be a …….. when I grow up

When I was younger I use to change my mind every week about who I wanted to be when I grow up. Successful business man, doctor, famous athlete, coffee barista and ¬†now at 25 I’m still wondering what I wanna be when I grow up. Here’s the thing I don’t wanna be one thing any more. I wanna do multiple things and that’s the beauty of the time we live in. We can be a driver and a business man at the same time, a barista and a writer, a blogger and a you-tuber and in my case a teacher, fitness instructor, nutritionist, freak, blogger and a YouTuber!

Who am I really though? That’s a hard question to answer, I mean really hard, even when someone asks me where i’m from, I have to pause for a little while and think of which country I should tell this person I’m from.God! it’s confusing.

But here’s the thing,¬†“labels are for cans not people”. We live in a very diversified world with a lot of mixes and we don’t have to be one thing or the other. Isn’t that great! We can do many things at once and not be just one thing, fun ha!

If you’re in your 30-50’s and still don’t know what you wanna be, don’t panic. Those who knew what they wanted to be at the age of 20 are mostly now having a mid-life crisis ( me included ) . Figure it out, we have till death. I think it’s a constant battle and a constant struggle, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Find something you’re good at, do it and get paid for it, if something else comes along, then do that as well. You’ll be the person of many skills.

What about society? Just forget about that, people are either too busy living their life or too unhappy that they talk about others instead since theirs isn’t interesting enough to talk about. Here’s a good comeback line for society, ” pay my bills, vacation expenses, buy me cool gadgets , and I’ll be whatever you want me to be for 8 hours a day ūüôā ” of course as long as its legal and doesn’t involve the exploitation of my soul, has long lunch breaks, good benefits, I get to go home early, 40 calendar days off a year, yearly bonuses and a little something something for Eid, and throw in christmas as well. oh and it’s fun and I really really¬†have to enjoy it and I have to love my boss.

Do not panic, the world isn’t built like that anymore. We can be doctors and fitness instructors and have a car wash business on the side, yes it’s possible. Don’t know what you want to be? It’s fine, neither do I. Now do stuff you love. Done

I end this post by advising everyone who’s undecided to be a teacher and don’t take your ideas granted. Even if you don’t know what you want to be, be a teacher. Rejoice in what you learn and spray it, you’ll feel amazing.¬†spray it

How to find our callings in life

We all want to do work that matters, work we love and work that just gets up in the morning ready to kick some ass!

BUT…. we aren’t. We drag ourselves out of bed and do what we have to do in order to survive. Here’s the thing, its hard to find it out and even if we do, we may not able to always do what we love. I for one think that one of my callings are to race in an ¬†F1 Ferrari car. As hard as it calls me, all I can do is go karting and let my imagination do the rest. The truth is that discovering your life‚Äôs work is a challenging journey full of twists and turns. Along the way, you might need help knowing where you are and how far you have left to go.

Here are 5 ways that may help you know what your callings in life are:


  1. People see it in you without you necessarily seeing it yourself: I have been told on several¬†counts to be a comedian, but I don’t think that I’m that funny or that I have the discipline to write material, I’m just straightforward and honest I guess. People have also told me to get into teaching and I have. I have been praised as a teacher ever since I was 19 and Its something I passionately do now. Listen, to what people tell you and what you’re made for, it may just be one of them.
  2. It’s not easy doing what you’re born to do but it comes naturally: I was almost gonna cry when I was doing the body pump module ( which is course where I get trained to be an instructor for body pump ) but I didn’t quit and it came quite naturally to me eventually. Teaching is not always easy but I do it with passion and that comes naturally cause I love doing it.
  3. It’s full of failure: My placement test to be an instructor at an international center was so hard and I failed it miserably, I then begged them for a second chance cause I was good at it but was a just a little rusty. Then, after being hired I was evaluated and failed that as well. As I was being evaluated I left the class to drink some water cause I was just drying up due to all the pressure, that really messed it up for me. But I didn’t give in, cause I wanted to be a teacher so bad from all my heart and now I’m pretty darn good at it.
  4. It’s not just one thing but plenty of things :¬†A calling is more than just a job or a career track. It‚Äôs your whole life, and it tends to integrate into everything else that you do, not competing with but complementing your values and priorities. If a calling takes you away from your family or loved ones too much, it may be more of an addiction than a vocation.
  5. It’s not just what you do but what you leave behind: Your calling must be so big that you leave an impact behind for the world to praise, live on and maybe even continue after that you’re gone. Examples may be leaving behind great children that will impact the world and leave it better than how it is ( my parents have already played their part with their calling and can now enjoy retirement) , or leaving behind a great business that will benefit society through employment and great service or a great book that will entertain or change lives.

Look for you calling, and don’t settle.¬†I used to think a calling was simple and easy. Now, I understand that it‚Äôs so much more. It will take my entire life to find my callings, but the destination will be worth the journey. May the same be true for you, as well.